Are you ready to Run Roll Walk?

2021 is here and Run Roll Walk is ready to help you reach your exercise goals! Here is everything you need to know about UBC Intramurals Run Roll Walk (RRW)!

What is Run Roll Walk?

RRW challenges participants weekly from January 18 – March 29 (no challenge on the week of February 15) for a chance to earn gift card prizes for participants who complete that week’s challenge. Challenges range from completing a certain amount of kilometres to doing at least 4 activities that week. After registering for free, participants will receive an email every Monday with a challenge to be completed by the following Sunday. Those who complete that week’s challenge will then be randomly entered to win that week’s prize!

Who can join?

Whether you start from week 1 or week 7, registration is completely free and is open to UBC Students, Staff, Faculty and the public. However, the earlier you register, the more chances you have to win awesome prizes!

How RRW works and How to Submit Entries:

  1. Make sure you are registered for RRW
  2. Participants are recommended to download Strava and join the UBC Recreation Club where challenges will also be posted as reminders
  3. After receiving your challenge through email on Monday, you have until the following Sunday to complete it
  4. Once completed, participants with PUBLIC ACCOUNTS on Strava and are in the UBC Recreation Strava Club, will re-name their activity “RRW Week # Challenge” (ex. RRW Week 4 Challenge)
  5. Comment on the UBC Recreation Challenge post for that week and let us know you completed the challenge
  6. Participants with PRIVATE ACCOUNTS or using another running app can email screenshots of their activities to with the email subject line as “RRW Week # Challenge Submission – Full Name” (RRW Week 4 Challenge Submission – John Doe)
  7. Winners will be announced on the following week’s challenge and virtual gift card prizes will be emailed to them

No matter where your start line may be, Run Roll Walk is the perfect way to get moving each week and to meet others in the UBC Community by supporting one another in the UBC Recreation Strava Club. Have fun and happy running!