The 5 types of Gamers on the UBC Intramurals Esports Discord Server

With UBC Intramurals Esports Just around the corner, here is a fun look at the different types of games that you can find on the UBC Intramurals Esports discord server.

Esports is one of UBC Intramurals’ newest and most exciting offerings of the year. As we expand into the virtual world, we welcome all types of new participants, here are some entertaining types of gamers:

The Rage Quitter

The Rage Quitter is into the game. They live in the present, nothing else in their life matters as much as the game. Until they start to lose that is. All it takes is one misstep to set them off, they can go from calm, cool, and collected to anxious, angry, and agitated in no time flat.

Catchphrase: “I QUIT”

The Small Dog

The Small Dog participant lives up to all the old proverb of all bark no bite. They can be found talking trash in the discord chat before the game starts. Making bold claims about how good they are, their online ranking, or just how skilled they are in general. But much to the delight of their adversary are quickly debunked as the game starts and their mediocre skills become apparent.

Catchphrase: “I totally should have won. You got lucky!”

The Strong Silent Type

The Strong Silent Type is like a rock: strong, cold, stable, and unmoved. They are there to play a good clean game. Their moves are not flashy, but they get the job done. The Strong Silent Type will challenge your knowledge of the basics of the game as they run a masterclass on both offense and defense. When you are playing against the Strong Silent Type you will have to keep your guard up the whole match as they will capitalize on every chance.

Catchphrase: “…”

The Mime

The Mime is there for a good time, they are having fun. Chatting as they play, dishing out trash talk, and kudos in equal amounts as the game goes on. The Mime’s expressions reveal everything that he is thinking talking with his hands as much as the controller will allow. They are looking to get to know you not just as a competitor but as a person. The Only problem is that they are doing all this with their mic off.

Catchphrase: “Hahaha! Ops”

The Athlete

The Athlete will start by telling you that he plays in real life. The Athlete will spend the entire game comparing the game mechanics to real life. They have a strong respect for the art of the game being able to recognize a good play on either side. The Athlete not only has a favorite team but a favorite jersey and player along with an encyclopedic knowledge about the stats of each team. They can be found sweating more than real-life players.

Catchphrase: “What! You could never make that play in real life”

Registration for Esports Term 2 is open now!