UBC Recreations Cancellation & No Show Policy

UBC Recreation has a three strike policy for no shows and double bookings within a 24 hour period for the UBC Aquatic Centre. After three strikes the registered account will be frozen, and unable to book a time slot for a one-week period.

If you are unable to attend your registered session please do one of the following:

  • Please phone the UBC Aquatic Centre to cancel at 604-822-4501 – cancellations via phone are accepted up until one hour from the registered time slot.
  • Email aquatic.centre@ubc.ca – email cancellations will only be accepted 24 hours or more in advance of the registered session start time.
  • To view your registered sessions in your account, select “My Info” and then “Schedules.”

If you are unable to book into a session:

  • At this time, UBC Recreation is not able to provide a waitlist option for the UBC Aquatic Centre. If you cannot get your preferred time, we recommend checking the registration page within one hour of your desired time. Any cancellations received will be updated one hour before the time slot, and will reappear in the booking system.


UBC Recreations policies are set in place to ensure that customers have an equal and fair opportunity when reserving fitness centre time slots and classes.