7 “Unique” Places to Play Soccer on Campus

While we all miss being on campus and participating in the intramural leagues that became such a big part of our pre-Covid lives. The Covid regulations have given us some well needed time to reflect and answer some important questions…such as, where to not play soccer on campus! Here are the 7 most “unique” places on campus to play soccer, as well as the best:


A Dorm Room 

At fist a dorm room may not seem like a great place for a soccer game, but the idea of being able to kick a ball upon immediately exiting your room can be a great way to bond with your floor mates. Due to the lack of space games can also last far longer as players are less fatigued.    

UBC Aquatic Centre

Normally soccer, or as the rest of the world calls it football, is played with the feet as the name implies. Playing in the Pool may only be an option for those that can hold their breath long enough to flip upside-down and kick the ball.   

The Nest  

The Nest is used as a hub for activities around campus such as dancing, performance arts and even fencing. Why should soccer be left out, the Nest offers plenty of space for player to spears out and the multi level design of the space could allow for a fun twist on a classic game. 

The Riddington Room – IKB   

This infamous campus study spot is well known to most who dwell at UBC. Commonly referred to as the “Harry Potter Room” it offers an excellent location for quietly going over course material. Thus, Creating a unique environment for a game of soccer. The many chairs and desks will force players to focus on the fundamentals of the game avoiding the many obstacles.  


Beaty Biodiversity Museum

Covid has made it difficult to have spectators in sports Beaty’s many taxidermy animals may offer a solution. Play as the animals watch, cheering on the exciting plays you and your teams execute.  

Residence Cafeteria  

In some cultures, it is a faux pas to play with your food. Playing next to your food however can be a fun way to multitask. Save time by enjoying a delicious meal while enjoying a fun game of soccer with your friends. 

Greenheart TreeWalk – Botanical Garden

The narrow bridges will offer a unique way for player to focus on precision. The amazing views of the greenheart TreeWalk will offer an added bonus to the game that is until the ball drops.  

Now although these are not the best places to play soccer. We present to you the best place to play, and that is at the upcoming Kick it back Soccer tournament! Grab you friends and get ready to get back on the field on February 9th with the first soccer tournament of the term!