5 Ways to Get Moving with Move UBC

Move UBC is a university-wide annual initiative to increase physical activity and reduce the time students, staff, faculty and the UBC community spend sitting. Small changes can add up to big impacts—moving more and sitting less can improve both mental and physical health, impact academic and professional success, and contribute to wellbeing in meaningful ways. This February, make movement apart of your day by getting involved with Move UBC. Check out 5 ways faculty & staff can get moving:


1. Sign-Up for a FREE Class Pass Membership!

UBC Recreation is offering faculty and staff a one-month FREE trial for ClassPass (if you are a first-timer)! Already have a ClassPass account? Enjoy UBC’s corporate rates, exclusive for UBC faculty & staff! ClassPass is a fitness membership that gets you access to awesome studios in your neighborhood as well as online classes.


2. Join a FREE IG Live Movement Break with Featured Discounts

Join us every Tuesday and Thursday on @ubcrec for an Instagram Live movement break led by some of the greatest instructors in Vancouver! Check out the schedule and enjoy discounts to awesome studios. Plan your next movement break.

3. Wear Your Activewear on Wednesdays

Show off your best active wear every Wednesday for ‘Active Wear Wednesday’! Enjoy a morning commute (walk around the block) to Loafe Café or Dalina in your active wear and enjoy a free or discounted beverage!


4. Share Move UBC Resources

The Move UBC website is a great place to start! UBC Human Resources at both UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan offer a variety of physical activity resources for staff, including fitness coaching and support with setting up an ergonomic workspace.


5. Promote a Culture of Active Zoom Meetings

Synchronous meetings can mean hours of sitting. Empower your colleagues to break it up and move during meetings, incorporate breaks into agendas, or end meetings early to give staff time to move around before their next one. Or book the Move U crew for a 5-10 minute movement break!

UBC MoveU Crew

Keep up to date on Move UBC events and initiatives by following @ubcwellbeing and @ubcrec on Instagram!