Studio Virtual Movement Breaks for Move UBC Month

Hey UBC!

Are you looking for a way to get active? Looking for a change in your normal workout routine or interested in trying new studios? Well look no more as we’ve got an answer for you! UBC Recreation is partnering with various different fitness studios across Vancouver to bring you different movement breaks throughout the month of February, which is also known as Move UBC Month. 

All movement breaks will happen on our Instagram live, just make sure to hit that “follow” button on @ubcrec to receive a notification for when the workout starts, bring some water, and a positive attitude! All movement breaks are held on Thursdays and Tuesdays, and will be run by different fitness studios and fitness instructors. Make sure to check out the Move UBC calendar for more information. 

Here are all the movement breaks with descriptions and discounts below:

Formation Studio Feb 2 @ 12:30 & Feb 25 @12:30
F45 Feb 4 @ 12:30
Tight Club Athletics Feb 9 @12:00
Innovative Fitness Feb 16 (time is TBD)
MVMT Academy Feb 18 @ 1:00
MikMill Feb 11 @ 12:00

Formation Studio – Feb 2 @ 12:30 & Feb 25 @ 12:30

Formation Studio is a judgement free space allowing you to channel your inner Beyonce, and break a sweat while doing it. Through group danced-based fitness classes, Formation provides you with the tools you need to leave your worries at the door and get lost in the movement and music. Formation studio is also offering a two week free trial for their online classes!

Learn more about Formation here.


F45 – Feb 4th @ 12:30

F45 runs functional HIIT training workouts. All of their classes are 45 minute with the exception of their hybrid workout on Saturdays which is 60 minutes. With COVID they  are currently running F45 circuit which is a version of F45 that allows members to stay in one station socially distanced from other members as the TVs guide each member through a different workout.

Learn more about F45 here.


Tight Club Athletics – Feb 9 @ 12:00

From strength training to HIIT, classic sports conditioning to dynamic stretching, they’ve got you covered. They have now introduced an “On Demand” video library with over 50 workouts and new content added weekly. UBC students, staff, and faculty have access to a 7 day free trial!

Learn more about Tight Club Athletics here.

MikMill – Feb 11 @ 12:00

Mik teaches 4 different styles of yoga classes on her online platform; the Yin, Power Flow, Vin(Yasa), and Expressive Flow. Whether you’re beginning or a professional yogi, there is a class for you.

Learn more about MikMill here.

Innovative Fitness – Feb 16

They provide the best in-class coaching and training 100% structured and tailored to your body, your goals, and your schedule, they optimize your health and enable personal reinventions.

Learn more about innovative fitness here.


MVMT Academy – Feb 18 @ 1:00

MVMT Academy knows that one size doesn’t fit all, and that’s why they provide a training space where you can train the way you want. They offer classes in everything from athletics and aesthetics, boxing and strength and conditioning, TRX-training, running, rowing, and even yoga all fused into a variety of 60 minute classes with differing difficulties, and intensities. UBC students, staff, and faculty have access to a two-week free trial on the MVMT app

Learn more about MVMT Academy here.



Jaybird is a contemporary movement studio that believes in shedding the layers that hold us back, forgetting outside perceptions, and letting go of expectations. Jaybird is providing UBC students, staff, and faculty with a one month free membership to their digital studio. Use coupon code MOVEUBC to redeem your one month at 


We can’t wait to get active with you and are looking forward to all completing all the different movement breaks with you!