5 Steps to Yoga Rave your Yoga Workout

We’ve all been there during the pandemic – lapses in commitment for our physical well-being. Whether you’re getting bored running the same routine over and over, or losing motivation because you can’t work out with friends, skipping a workout can be demotivating and send you spiralling down a path that leads to a tub of ice cream.

This week we wanted to introduce some fun novelty to get you back in the game; here are five steps to create your very own UBC Yoga Rave workout at home:


Get your glow paint (or highlighter) on:

What would Yoga Rave be without glow paint? Go wild and draw some awesome patterns on your body, Yoga Rave is about healthy expression as much as it is a good workout – so give yourself that tattoo you always wanted! If you don’t have glow paint, most highlighters are fluorescent and will glow under black light.
2 Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize:

Accessorizing is key to a great Yoga Rave experience. Be sure to wear bright fluorescent colors if you have any, or attach glowsticks around your neck, wrists and/or ankles.
3 Create your own DIY black light:

If you don’t have your own black light (and let’s be real, who does?), creating a quick DIY one is easy. All you need is scotch tape, a blue marker, and a purple marker. First, grab a piece of scotch tape and color it in with a blue marker. Then grab another piece of scotch tape and color that in with a purple marker. Tape both pieces of scotch tape over each other on your phone’s flashlight, turn it on, and voila, you’ve created your very own DIY black light.

Photo Credit: IncredibleScience

4 Turn the volume up and stream it live:

At UBC’s Yoga Rave event we’ll be playing some sick beats while you get moving. We highly recommend that you stream our event on the largest screen possible like on your TV or laptop. Unless your roommate is the next Tiësto, you’re probably going want to turn the volume up and listen in!


Turn off the lights:

Dim (or turn off) the lights and illuminate your house with your black light. Yoga Rave is happening at 7pm so follow along and get ready to rave with us!

Photo Credit: YourTeenMag

Now that you’ve learned how to Yoga Rave your at home workout, try it out at the FREE virtual Yoga Rave on Thursday February 11!