5 Types of Hockey Players on the Ice

Hockey brings together many different types of people. The nature of the intensity, high pressure, and exhaustion of the sport brings out the best and worst side of people. Have you ever met these types of people on the ice?

What kind of hockey player are you?

Eat, Breathe, and Live Hockey

They have found their calling in life. They count down the days until the next game. They know every hockey fact in the almanacs. When they’re not out on the rink you’ll find them watching hockey highlights,  taping up their stick, or shooting pucks outside.


The Speed Skater

This fellow should consider changing sport from hockey to speed skating because they are an absolute rocket on the ice. They seem to be everywhere on the ice given how they are always able to go from point A to point B in a matter of milliseconds.

The Casual

This player is the person who plays just for fun and always seems to be just so mellow. They don’t let the pressure of the game get to them and seems to know how to enjoy the little things in everything.

The Glue

There’s at least one of these folks in any given team. They have the organization and wholesomeness to keep the team from falling apart. They are the individuals that keep the team grounded and put together when the going gets tough.

The Hype Man

This person is the embodiment of caffeine. They are simply put, pure energy. They radiate positivity and infect people around them to give it that extra 10%. They’ll be out there supporting you with high fives, helmet taps, and a big hearty exclamation of enthusiasm.