Welcome to the last day of classes before reading break! We hope all your classes have been great so far this term! If being back in online classes means you’ve been feeling a bit cooped-up, we invite you to join in on getting some exercise with us.

For a few months now, the houses of the TSC Quidditch team have been having an exercise competition. Players log which exercises they’ve done over the week, and then the prefects add them to their house’s combined score, which contributes towards the overall house points. We find it’s a great way to get our heart-rates up, and it can be a nice break from studying too. Even if you’re not on the team, however, you can still do the exercises with us… and maybe even compete with your friends!

These first few exercises can easily be done wherever you live (provided that you live somewhere with a larger floor-space than your height, that is). The classic push-ups, v-sits, and planks don’t require a lot of room, but they sure are good for your core muscles! Here’s how we’ve distributed the points for those:

A list of core exercises on a dark blue background A list of upper body exercises on a dark blue background

The next exercise is a good opportunity to get some fresh air. Whether you’re running around your neighbourhood, or in the Great Outdoors, there are always interesting things to see while you get your heart rate up and your legs moving. We’ve distributed the points for cardio exercises like so:

A list of cardio exercises on a dark blue background

We hope you’ll enjoy our exercise challenge as much as we have, and we wish you a fun and relaxing reading break! Wherever you may be, may you have time to chat with friends and loved ones, and enjoy some tasty food!


-UBC Quidditch