TSC Triathlon January Update

Back to School: Term 2!

With term 2 in full swing, we are reflecting on a very unique but rewarding fall term of training as a team, both near and far.
Here are some of our favourite shots from training this past term, taken by our athletes spread across the continent! We’re looking forward to another term of hard work and fun times!

Beautiful group ride to Horseshoe Bay


Recovering after a 5K time trail at track practice


Interval workout in Boulder, Colorado


Finishing a 5k race in Kelowna, BC


Afternoon swim at the UBC pool

January Athlete of the Month

Our January athlete of the month is April St. Pierre!
Along with killing her long rides, serving as a great role model for our newer cyclists, and achieving 100-day training streaks on Strava, April has embraced the challenges of her role as our Travel and Safety Officer this year. April is like a walking encyclopedia when it comes to COVID-related Public Health Orders and restrictions, and has been invaluable in keeping our athletes safe during the pandemic. Congrats April!