Which Indigenous Athlete Are You Most Like? (Quiz)

Photo Credit:https://isparc.ca/indigenous-athletes-invited-to-apply-for-team-bc/

Did you know that there are several Indigenous athletes that are major key players in Canadian sport history? As Indigenous athletes are not celebrated in the same positive light as non-Indigenous athletes, we would like to celebrate and promote Indigenous athletes during Move UBC.

Take this quiz to find out which Indigenous athlete you are most like!


To learn more about Indigenous athletes and physical activity and sport within Indigenous communities, you can attend Move UBC, the School of Kinesiology and the UBC Learning Circle’s decolonizing physical activity and sport panel on February 26 from 12:00pm to 1:30pm. Panelists include Elder Alex Nelson from the Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Council (ISPARC), the School of Kinesiology’s Dr. Rosalin Miles, Olympian Waneek Horn-Miller, and UBC Indigenous student athlete Lyric Atchison. Register for this panel here!

Photo by The Canadian Press