5 Fun Zoom University Icebreakers

Finding it difficult to form connections with other UBC students during COVID-19? Here are 5 simple and fun icebreakers that can help facilitate engagement and warm up conservations between students!


1)  Two Truths and A Lie

 An easy and straightforward game that helps you better understand your fellow classmates! Each person will share 3 interesting things about themselves and the others will try to guess which of the 3 “facts” is the lie.

2) Highs and Lows

Each person will take turns sharing something that made them happy, as well as something that they found frustrating that happened to them in the past week. The time period and number of highs and lows shared per person can be adjusted to suit a group of any size!

3) Never Have I Ever

 A fun game to share experiences and relate to one another! All players will start by holding up all 10 fingers. As each student shares something that they have never done before (“Never have I ever…”), those that have done the activity mentioned would put one finger down. This game also allows you to find out how unique or common your experiences are.

4) Storytelling as a Group

 Time to put your group’s creativity and improvisation skills to test – have someone come up with a scenario and each person will add on to the story with just a sentence at a time. You never know where and how the story will unfold!

5) I Spy

 Everyone will take turns describing an item in someone else’s background and have the others guess what the item is. For example, a person can say “I spy something brown and soft” to describe someone else’s stuffed toy. The difficulty of the game increases with more players!