Top 5 Places That UBC Students Miss

With online school, the majority of UBC students have yet to set foot on campus this school year. It is time to reminisce on the places at UBC that students miss, and start looking forward to visiting these spots once school is in person again. Your generic tour of campus would include the libraries, the Nest, residences, and of course where your classes are…but what about all the other places that we miss! Check out the top 5 places on UBC campus that you won’t see in your campus tour that you should check out:

1. Wreck Beach

No one can deny that a Wreck Beach sunset does not get you feeling some type of way. Not only does the ocean and beautiful landscape set the mood for good vibes, but just grabbing some food and hanging out with friends was a great break between classes or a fun way how to end off a busy school day.


2. Your Fav Study Spot

Whether your favourite study spot was in the Nest, at Koerner Library, or in a booked study room, it definitely holds some strong memories. You may have loved this spot for the endless laughs that you had with you and your friends, or because you were actually able to focus there and study. The day we get to go to that study spot, and either “study” or study is one that all UBC students are looking forward to!


3. Koerner’s Pub 

A Koerner’s Pub party was always something to look forward to for many students after a stressful long week of school and studying. No matter the party, memories with friends were always made and a good time was almost always a guarantee.


4. Your Fav Food Spot

The famous debate on what food spot is the best on campus will be a discussion that never ends. Triplo-O Tuesdays created an iconic lineup next to the Sauder School of Business building every Tuesday for students to chow down on some tasty and cheap burgers. No matter what your favourite food spot on campus was, there is no doubt that when you had that first bite it made your day better.


5. Student Recreation Centre (SRC)

Depending on if you played intramurals or not, the SRC may either be “the place you wrote your exams” or “the place that you and your friends played sports together” (and hopefully it’s the second one). Playing intramurals after classes was a fun way to stay connected with your friends, get in some good laughs when your friend tripped over themselves, and get those endorphins flowing after sitting in classes for hours. Not to forget, the feeling when your team made it to the championship game.


Although most of our time on campus was spent in classes, the spaces that UBC has created for students to relax, study, eat, be active, and hang out with friends is something that UBC students miss and are looking forward to getting back to!