3MT Physical Activity and Wellbeing Heat!

What an exciting week it has been! With IG Live movement break takeovers, to different research panels, and of course, the first ever 3 Minute Thesis (3MT) Physical Activity and Wellbeing Heat.

3MT challenges research-based graduate students to articulate the impact and breadth of their research in a 3 minute presentation, using just 1 static powerpoint slide! It’s a great way to learn about the different research that is going on across unique research areas. At our 3MT event, we had students from the School of Kinesiology, Civil Engineering, and Health and Exercise Science. It was an event filled with a wide variety of amazing presentations.


To recap, we had 5 presenters, 2 of which were from UBC Okanagan while the others were from UBC Vancouver. We had Jiyu Wang and Danni Zhang from the School of Kinesiology. Jiyu’s presentation was “Adaptation response in standing: a new perspective to understand how we maintain balance” while Danni’s presentation was called “When East Meets West: Older Chinese Immigrants in Canada and Their Perception and Experience of Mental Health and Mental Illness”.

Presentations by Jiyu Wang and Gabriel Dix

Presentations by Danni Zhang and Melissa Majoni

We also had Amir Hassanpour from the Department of Civil Engineering who presented on “New Modes of Active Travel in Metro Vancouver.” Lastly, we had Gabriel Dix and Jonthan Low, who were both from the Faculty of Exercise and Health Science at UBC Okanagan. Gabriel’s presentation was “Stress below the surface. The role of physical activity and fitness in reducing stress in adults with Spinal Cord Injury”, while Jonathan presented on “Mobile health exercise interventions with Type 2 Diabetics”. As you can tell, we had a great breadth of different presentations, all of which discussed important topics about physical activity, health and wellbeing. We also had a great guest presentation from Melissa Majoni about HealtheSteps. Melissa is currently working with Dr. Robert Petrella’s Lifestyle Research Team which focuses on community-based studies of lifestyle interventions for chronic disease prevention, management and control.

Presentations by Amir Hassanpour and Jonathan Low

Besides some amazing presentations from the graduate students, we also had really great judges! We had Dr. Carolyn McEwen, who is an Assistant Professor of Teaching in the School of Kinesiology. As well as Dr. Teresa Liu-Ambrosea who is a Canada Research Chair and a physical therapist at the UBC’s Department of Physical Therapy. And lastly, we had Gabriella Scali who is the Content and Engagement Strategist with UBC Wellbeing. She provides strategic communication planning for the department and leads communication development for institution-wide health promotion initiatives. 

Our audience choice winner of the event was Jonathan Low and our overall 3MT Physical Activity and Wellbeing heat winner was Amir Hassanpour. A big round of (virtual) applause to everyone who participated in this event!

If you’re interested in watching the event here is the link. Please use the following password: $.1QpZwQ

If you’re interested to learn more about the presenters research please contact the following:

Jonathan Low’s study specific email: motivate.t2d@ubc.ca

Jonathan’s team is also eagerly recruiting individuals with Type 2 Diabetes for his study. If you’re interested visit www.motivatet2d.com (or email us at the above email address)!

Danni Zhang’s email: danni.zhang@ubc.ca

Amir Hassanpour’s email: amir.hassanpour@gmail.com 

Gabriel Dix’s email: gabriel.dix@ubc.ca