Looking for the Perfect blend? The five best Coffee shops on UBC campus

Photo Credit: https://unsplash.com/@nate_dumlao

Ah, it’s that time of the term again. With endless assignments and midterms, sleepless nights and early mornings are becoming quite the standard. It doesn’t help that everyone is also experiencing zoom exhaustion in our new pandemic reality.  As such, getting some caffeine and fresh air has never been more important

1. JJ bean

JJ Bean is a Vancouverite favorite coffee chain. Their location on University Boulevard is bright and spacious, making it the perfect spot to start your morning! With charging plugs and beautiful natural lighting, their upper-floor counter seats are ideal for finishing some school work. Along with their variations of teas and espresso drinks, they also offer light breakfast, lunches, and snacks. 

Take-out / Indoor & Outdoor seating available 


(Photo credit: https://visit.ubc.ca/eat-drink-and-stay/cafes/jj-bean/)


2. Great Dane 

Hidden behind Walter Gage and Brock commons is a small coffee shop— their selection of coffee and baked-in-house pastries will make the walk worth it! You’re guaranteed to fall in love with their beautiful patio, cozy inside space, and off-the-beaten-track feel, making it a perfect location to catch up with friends once health restrictions are lifted. All their food is made in-house and locally sourced from ethical farms around the Greater Vancouver area. They also have a wide variation of coffees as well as milky drinks; we’ve heard that the Masala Chai is a student favorite. If you’re lucky, you might even get to meet Lady, the cafe’s very own Great Dane! 

Take-out / Outdoor seating available 


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3. Boulevard 

Looking for a cozy place to chill or catch up on schoolwork? This Boulevard is conveniently located by the bus loop on University Blvd. The coffee shops actually roast their own coffee beans, making their hot beverages one of a kind and a popular pick among UBC’s coffee aficionados. They have many different tasty baked goods and several light lunch options on display. For those who prefer non-caffeine options, I’ve heard their variations of teas are amazing as well!

Take-out / Indoor seating available 


(Photo credit: https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/places-to-study-ubc-2016)


4. Loafe Café

In the heart of the UBC campus, Loafe Café is located in the Alumni Centre right next to the AMS Student Nest. Alongside locally roasted coffees, delicious baked goods, and gourmet sandwiches, Loafe also has a generous selection of craft beers and cocktails. Inside their modern interiors are several social distanced eating areas perfect for studying and for taking some time to relax. Make sure to take advantage of their patios— perfect for the upcoming spring and summer weather! 

Take-out / Indoor & Outdoor seating available


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5. Bean around the World 

The barn-like feel of this cafe will make you forget you’re on UBC Campus! Located at the sound end of Main Mall across from the Totem Poles, Bean Around the World cafe serves fresh coffee, teas, light lunches, and excellent baked goods. They roast their own brewed coffees, which have that classic Bean taste, and we’ve heard that their espresso-based drinks are especially delicious! Their locations make a great escape from the busy streets of UBC (pre-covid times of course), a perfect place to stop-by after an enjoyable walk around campus! 

Take-out / Indoor & Outdoor seating available 


(Photo credit: https://batwcoffee.com/pages/bean-around-the-world-ubc)

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