5 ways to challenge your friends to stay fit virtually

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Doing workouts, going on a run, or practicing team sports with friends are often the best ways to keep yourself committed to your fitness goals. Due to the current challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become more challenging for friends to get fit together. However, some extra competitiveness and support from our social circle can help us stay healthy and active, especially when social distancing is required.

In this blog, let’s explore how you can complete fitness challenges with friends from your home while keeping each other safe and healthy.

1. Strava

Best for: Runners

Strava is known as one of the best apps for running enthusiasts, where you can link your account to connect with friends and other members of the running community. The built-in tracking features help you track your route, time spent running, pace, elevation, etc., and share your accomplishments with friends. Wanting to instill your challenger spirit? You can even set up private challenges, or join public challenges with Strava! Get your shoes and mask on for a run, and let Strava help you stay committed to your running goals.

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Did you know: UBC Intramurals is on Strava! Join our UBC Recreation Strava Club and complete an activity from our weekly Run Roll Walk challenge for a chance to win amazing prizes, including lululemon, Patagonia, Arcteryx gift cards, and more!

2. PumpUp

Best for: Workout Enthusiasts

Described as a social network made for fitness enthusiasts, PumpUp is an app that helps track and share your workout progress with your network. PumpUp also helps you find new workout inspiration with a wide range of themed exercise challenges that you can pick from. You can connect with friends and other members on the platform and keep each other inspired through sharing updates from your fitness journey!

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3. Fitbit

Best for: Hikers

Did you know you don’t have to own a Fitbit tracker to be able to use the Fitbit app? The app keeps track of your moves by using smartphones’ pedometer features to track your steps while walking or hiking. It also allows you to connect with friends and family to compete for “the most steps taken during the week”. Fitbit also has features such as fitness challenges, or fitness groups that are dedicated to specific activities to keep yourself motivated and inspired every day.

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4. Nike Running Club

Best for: Runners

Nike Run Club is another top-notch app for runners where you can train with confidence through guided runs from running coaches. While the app allows you to compete against friends, it also lets them play the roles of great supporters who can send you a cheer every time you go on a run. From the leaderboard in the app, you can see where you rank among your friends or the broader community in terms of running distance.

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5. Pokemon Go

Best for: Pokemon Fans

While it was not originally designed as a fitness app, researchers have discovered that Pokemon Go players tend to “walk 25% more than they did before playing the game”. With Pokemon Go, you can make your everyday walk a bit more fun by pairing it with the goal of finding new Pokemon and hatching eggs. You can also connect with friends, and compete to fill your Pokedex by spending more time outside to look for new Pokemon.

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