What Your Music At The Gym Says About You

Photo credit: https://unsplash.com/@avirichards

Music squeezes out that extra bit of energy for one more set. There is a catalogue of choices in the type of music you can listen to. The choices out there are endless. Here are a few and what they may say about you.

What does your gym music say about you?


You vibe off the fast paced BPM of electronic music. It’s a gift to transfer your fist pumping energy over to pumping out reps. Maybe you sneak in a little moment of dancing when you really feel the bass drop kick in. No shame in that, everyone loves someone radiating positive energy.

Mainstream Pop

You keep up with current events and like to go with the flow of things. Probably easy going and knows how to keep it mellow. Maybe even dip your toes into reading about the latest celebrity news here and there.

Heavy Metal

You’re not at the gym to socialize. You’re at the gym for the gym. You’re there to pick up heavy things and put them down multiple times. All you see is red and you channel your aggression through the iron you lift.


You feel with the trials and tribulations of life that the rappers talk about. Life is hard and pumping iron is the moment where you can get your thoughts together. It’s a moment for you to embrace your inner hustler and pack muscle.

Punk Rock

You feel the angst. You understand the feeling of not being understood. There’s one thing that understands you though. And that’s the weight in front of you. And you understand it back. It’s a symbiotic relationship of pain and reward.

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