5 Things I Wished I Knew Before First Year

Where’s the Nest? What’s a bluechip cookie? Where can I get my eyes checked?

University can be both exciting and scary for everyone. As I enter my final stretch at UBC, here are 5 things I wished I knew before my first year!


What is UBC Intramurals?

UBC Intramurals is one of the largest student organizations on campus! They host recreation leagues and events for students. So if you’re thinking of signing up to play Ultimate, Flag or Ice Hockey, UBC Intramurals is the place to go (you’re on the website right now). We also host various student events during the school year, and this includes the famous Day to the Longboat and Storm the Wall… Many of the close friendships I have were formed while playing in the soccer league or participating in events!


What is “The Nest”?

The Nest is one of the central hubs on campus (it’s the new student union building). Located just after the bus loop in between the Life Building and the UBC Bookstore, the Nest is where a lot of students meet to have lunch or hang out. The AMS and AMS student clubs are run out of the Nest, and if you need to submit any medical claims you can do so on the third floor. This is also where you can find the famous Bluechip cookies!


What are the two ‘Villages’?

UBC is huge, and even after five years there are places that I know I’ve never been to… I still get lost on campus sometimes! There are two villages you need to know about: the University Village and Wesbrook Village. The University Village is the one closest to the bus loop. You can get pretty much everything you need from it and many students have dinner at the many food spots in the area. The Wesbrook Village is pretty much on the complete other end of campus. There are many student residences on that side of campus, and instead of having students walk or commute (yes, UBC has its own bus route) to the University Village, Wesbrook Village is there to serve them instead.


What is Wreck Beach?

UBC is beautiful. Not only do we have the mountains of B.C. in our front yard, but we’ve also got a beach in the back! Wreck Beach is past the Museum of Anthropology on the furthest North end of campus. As the sun starts to come out in April/spring, many students spend the last days of the school year here celebrating and singing away the winter blues.


What is Safewalk?

Just left a party or a football game? If you ever feel unsafe walking home at night on campus, Safewalk is here to help. Give them a quick call on the UBC Emergency phone poles (they’re blue) or at 604.822.5355 and they’ll drive over to pick you up. University should be a safe experience for everyone.

Finally, and I know this sounds very cheesy, but don’t be afraid to ask questions or speak up in class. We’re all here to learn so take the opportunity with both hands. If you answer a question wrongly or don’t understand something, chances are someone else was thinking the exact same thing. We’re all lucky to be able to study at our great school and education is a privilege not many can afford… let’s make the most of it!