Q&A with the Nohdomi Family

The Nohdomi family has been participating in UBC Camps for the past three years. We interviewed them about their favourite UBC Camps programs and what it’s like to come to camp during COVID-19.

Q: What is your favourite thing about UBC Camps?

Peggy: As a parent, my favourite thing about UBC camps is the variety that we have to choose from. The programs I’ve enrolled my children in are baseball, tennis, art and soccer. My older son’s favourite camp is baseball for sure—last year during COVID-19 he elected to do the baseball camp all summer long. My younger son likes the art camps. He likes being creative and all of the different projects that they do.

Koji: My favourite one is baseball camp; I’m very good at playing catch!

Kenzo: My favourite thing about art camp is that you get to paint and play games with your teacher every morning.

Q: Do you feel safe attending UBC Camps during COVID-19?

Peggy: Yes, I feel safe sending my kids to UBC Camps because of the protocols that they follow. I’ve never had an issue or felt unsafe for any reason. They make sure that everyone is safe upon arrival, and that no one is entering the camp with any symptoms of COVID-19. The instructors ask three questions: whether anyone in the family has had symptoms in the last 14 days, whether we’ve had close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, and whether we have traveled in the last two weeks.

Koji: I feel safe at camp because the instructors always watch over us and make sure that we’re not doing anything dangerous. They always ensure that when we’re playing a game we are spaced out.

Kenzo: I feel safe at camp because the teacher always has hand sanitizer.

Q: How would you describe UBC Camps instructors?

Peggy: I find that they are very skilled, especially in the sports that my kids have participated in, whether that’s tennis or soccer or baseball.  The instructors are very welcoming, and they include all the kids in the activities—I think they provide a safe and inclusive environment. Whenever my kids come home they are happy with how the day went.

Koji: They’re very good at what they teach and they’re very fun.

Q: If you could try any UBC Camps program (that you haven’t tried before), which camp would you try and why?

Peggy: As a parent, if I could enrol in a camp I would probably say tennis—actually, I would say soccer, because it’s a sport that I didn’t play as a kid and I know that there is a lot of fundamentals that I should probably learn. And I think it would be fun!

Koji: Maybe track and field because I’m not very good at running and I want to be able to run more consistently and faster.

Kenzo: Skateboarding or biking camp.