Q&A with the Cao Family

The Cao family has been participating in UBC Camps for the past five years. We interviewed them about their favourite UBC Camps programs and what it’s like to come to camp during COVID-19.

Q: Which camps have you participated in?

William: I feel like Dylan’s been in every camp— musical theatre, drama, dance, swimming, basketball, tennis, fitness, strength and conditioning, and the UBC Farm camp.

Dylan: And the ropes course, and badminton!

Q: What is your favourite thing about UBC Camps?

William: That they take Dylan for the whole day!

Dylan: I like being in camps with my friends, so that I can play around with them and have fun and learn things at the same time.

William: I also like that they have good supervision, and they take good care of the kids.

Q: Do you feel safe attending UBC Camps during COVID-19?

William: I definitely do feel safe sending Dylan to camp. He continued going to camps last summer [2020] as well as this spring [2021]. They take safety precautions and use hand sanitizer, and there’s masking protocols, so it does feel safe.

Dylan: It’s been super safe, and it’s not too strict or too easygoing. It’s like the perfect amount so we can slow down and stop the spread of COVID. We wear masks—but when we are eating we don’t have to eat through our masks—and we social distance. And they let us have lots of fun and be super safe at the same time.

Q: How would you describe UBC Camps instructors?

William: UBC Camps instructors definitely create a welcoming environment for kids. They’re all friendly; great personalities. They always say Hi and welcome the kids when I drop them off, and they’re always doing fun activities and being inclusive when I pick them up, so I’ve always been happy with the camp instructors.

Dylan: All of them have been great and kind so far, they are welcoming and they encourage groups of friends and lots of fun. And they’re great role models, and they teach you stuff.

Q: What advice would you give to parents or children with questions about UBC Camps?

William: Talk to Camps if you have questions. They’ve been great—the management and all the counsellors have been great with questions I have, whether it’s emails or phone calls.

Dylan: If they’re nervous about safety I would tell them it’s the perfect amount of safety-ness so you don’t have to worry, all you have to do is follow the instructions. And if they were worried about not being included, the teachers are inclusive and they encourage lots of group activities

Q: If you could try any UBC Camps program (that you haven’t tried before), which camp would you try and why?

William: I’d like to try the ropes course, I’ve tried other ropes courses before and I think that would be the most fun for an adult.

Dylan: Baseball or track—I’ve never done track.