Sayonara Winter 2021

Top (left to right): Max Duso, Brogan Themens, Paloma Greene, Luis Hartl, Amy Harris. Middle: Victor Samyn, Anastasia Kiku, Sophie Sargent. Bottom: Jake Konsky.

With finals in the books, and a week of straight sunshine for the Lower Mainland, it’s starting to feel a lot like summer… or at the very least spring. All things considered, UBC Alpine has had a pretty busy year. While winter 2021 proved to be rather tremulous, we count ourselves grateful to have been able to get our turns in while we could. A year of dry-land has probably been held in much less high regard than complimentary season passes to Grouse Mt. but, seeing next year’s Marcom office, Victor Samyn, bark at first-years in his posh Belgian accent was certainly the highlight of my weeks.

Brogan, at a race in 2019.


Speaking of the 2021-2022 Executive team we’ll see familiar faces – such as Brogan Themens (finance officer for the past two years) – take over the role of Club lead. Tommy Rider, fellow Tyee alumni will take over Brogan’s position as finance officer next year. Amy Harris, a soon-to-be fourth year, will fill the role of Travel and Safety (an appointment that’s in line with the secrete prerequisite for this role: growing up in the PNW). Victor (the aforementioned Belgian) who has an infatuation for training unshaken by even a pow day, will take over both the Marcom and Fundraising officer roles.  

While the feasibility of UBC racing in the USCSA league next year remains unclear (with border restrictions and travel advisories) the league is planning a return to racing for the 2021/2022 season. Regardless, this year’s exec team – and soon next year’s new team – have been brainstorming about what next season could look like. While nothing is concrete, the return to campus next fall holds a lot of promise for in-person training, and perhaps even racing. While we’ve always prioritized health and safety, and will continue to make informed decisions around provincial and national regulations around sport in a pandemic, it is exciting to think that running tower beach stairs next fall altogether again could be in the cards.

Amy Harris (Left) and Lilli Freischem (Right).

As we’re getting in our final turns, and with summer storage wax on the horizon, we wanted to take the time to thank everyone whose made this a great year. Thank you to Grouse Mt. who is a pivotal force, not just this year, but every year, in getting ski birds on snow. Thank you to our alumni, who helped us get to, and celebrate 100 years of Skiing at UBC! Thank you to TSC staff, and my fellow executives who worked tirelessly all year to continue the legacy of TSC sports, and prepare for an eventual (fingers-crossed!) 2022 return to racing. To our sponsors – ROI Recreation Outfitters, Duso’s Pasta, Patagonia, Red Truck – to name a few, for your continued support. And, last – but not least – thank you to this year’s athletes for your continued patience and positivity, and for dealing with our zoom- antics.  

See you at Imagine Day!