UBC TSC Artistic Swimming 2021 Season Wrap-up!

Happy end of the semester! Although this season has been very different due to the COVID-19 pandemic UBC TSC Artistic Swimming still had an amazing season!

UBC TSC Artistic Swimming started off our season recruiting team members at the Jumpstart Resource Fair and at Imagine Day. We also hosted socials and icebreakers over zoom for our new and returning athletes so they could get to know each other since in person training was delayed to November. Once we were given the green light for in person training our athletes got right to work building endurance and creating choreography. Unfortunately, in person training got cut short in the fall semester due to covid restrictions but we were still able to stay connected thanks to our exec who continued to host team bonding game nights over zoom.


At the start of the new year our athletes got right back to work nitpicking and putting the finishing touches on their routines for Nationals. In February, UBC TSC Artistic Swimming also hosted their first non-contact Krispy Kreme fundraiser with our athletes delivering over 25 dozen boxes of donuts all over the lower mainland. 

After months of hard work we were finally able to showcase our routines at CUASAL Nationals 2021! This was our first virtual competition but our athletes did an amazing job showing how all the incredible work they had put in had paid off.  Our first duet Claire and Renee secured the gold medal coming in first place with their incredible height and control. Our second duet Fannia and Miki  came in second place swimming to the theme of Anastasia. And finally our third duet Lisa and Zara came in third place with their great synchronization. 


The last few weeks of training were spent doing lots of fitness workouts as well as some fun team bonding questions and activities. We will be finishing off the season with an end of year with a COVID safe team bonding and we hope to see everyone back again next season!  

UBC Artistic Swimming would like to thank our coaches and executive team for making this season such a success despite the circumstances! Thanks to their hard work and dedication we were able to have a great season while staying safe and following restrictions. 

We are so excited for next season and we look forward to seeing everyone on campus again in September! Stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook for updates throughout the summer and for more info on our upcoming season!