Staff & Faculty Sports Week Wrap-Up!

What a week it was for our first ever virtual UBC Staff & Faculty Sports Week! On behalf of UBC Vancouver & UBC Okanagan Athletic & Recreation & HR teams, we just want to say…


The enthusiasm, time, and effort you all put in this week has made this event so amazing.

Here are a breakdown of the numbers for #UBCSportsWeek:

  • 620 Total Participants
  • 134 Total Teams – 35 Competitive; 99 Just For Fun
  • Over 1200+ Activity Submissions
  • 300+ total hours of activities


  • Most Jumping Jacks/Step-0uts in 15 seconds
    • 32 – Sabine Weyand, Engineered to Win AND Nicole Kelly, yU-Gi-Oh
  • Longest Balance
    • Level 1 = 06:19 – Angela McLean
    • Level 2 = 09:04 – Nicole Domanski, Transpharmers
    • Level 3 = 05:34 – Karen Selby, Wellbeing Walabys
    • Level 4 = 04:55 – Tawnee Milko, Sustainabuddies 2.0
  • Top Walk, Roll, Run teams (most steps!)
    • Flu Fighters = 263334
    • SPPGA Lightning = 259693
    • Won Direction = 252146
    • Walk, Run, Roll – total # of steps by all teams – 8,342,001. Enough to walk between both UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan 15 times!
  • Top Trivia Scores
    • ISI Get Locked Down Then Gets Up Again = 9124
    • Team Funtastic = 8977
    • Flu Fighters = 8520



Competitive winners this year must have completed all 16 activities! The team with the closest guess in the Guess-timation Station was deemed the winner!

Racemic Mixtures – UBC Vancouver, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Velvet Thunder – UBC Okanagan, Go Global


Your enthusiasm at every activity and your submissions can be seen a mile away! Here are this year’s spirit winners!

SPPGA Lightning – UBC Vancouver, ARTS/SPPGA

The Degree Navigators – UBC Okanagan, Academic Advising


We had some amazing entries in many activities! From unbelievable trick shots to some very impressive Photoshop skills, check out the padlets we created where you can see every team’s entries!

‘Say Cheese’ Team Photos

Active Talent Show

Dance Like No One’s Watching


“I must say that while I was participating in one of the classes, I had a strong feeling come over me in which I remembered how wonderful it is to work at UBC.”

We want to hear from you! Let us know what you thought of Staff & Faculty Sports Week. What worked for you, what didn’t. Fill our our survey our Evaluation Survey for a chance to win a free FitBit!


Thank you to everyone who was involved. From Santa Ono to all our amazing session instructors, facilitators and volunteers. We hope you enjoyed Staff & Faculty Sports Week 2021! Stay connected and involved with us: