The Move U Crew — Thank you for Making it Happen!

Finally….. the end of our virtual school year. For the first time ever, we didn’t need to commute, walk (or run) from class to class, or even get out of bed for that matter! Clearly, we were much less active this year.

But, a group of likeminded students aimed to change that! Our movement superheroes: The Move U Crew! Let’s take a minute to highlight their incredible work this year!


1. Susan!


Susan brought ‘sun salutations’ into our collective vocabulary! Not only does it have an amazing name, it moves the entire body! Susan also hosted our weekly ‘Wellbeing Walks’, a guided walk around campus. No matter how you felt, she always brought some much needed light into your day.

Susan took charge for the 2020/2021 Move U Crew’s FIRST online movement break—check it out!


2. Miranda!


With online school becoming the new normal, Miranda took charge to keep classes moving! If the Move U Crew joined your class for a movement break, it was most likely Miranda that joined you! If you have been sore from your desk, I guarantee you will feel better after any of her movement breaks.

If you have a chair, you are already set to get moving! Check out this @ubcrec Instagram Movement break from Miranda!


3. Diane!


Did you see Diane’s Instagram Reel series ‘Move U Crew Eats’? Diane was the Move U Crew’s nutrition expert! Healthy, creative, and fun—Diane showed us that you can eat healthy!

Check this @ubcrec Instagram movement break from Diane!


4. Jonah!


Although Jonah joined the Move U Crew a bit later, that was no excuse for him. He quickly got to work to make his movement mark! Jonah strived to be unique and creative for all his movement breaks!

Catch his @ubcrec Instagram movement break here—your legs will thank you later!


5. Ben!


If you requested the Move U Crew for a movement break, you most likely spoke with Ben! Although mostly in the background, he made sure things ran smoothly on our virtual campus! When Ben did lead movement breaks, he put in all his creativity!

Check out the Kids Adventure Movement Break here on YouTube!


6. Ashley!


As you have seen, the Move U Crew leads a LOT of movement breaks for the UBC community! Ashley took charge to lead countless classroom and meeting movement breaks! Four in one day? No problem—Ashley will always get you moving!

For your future exams and finals, this movement break has your back… literally! Take a minute to stretch things out, without even needing to leave your chair!


7. The Physical Activity Office!

Now what is this? I though there were only six superheroes to note? Behind the Move U Crew is the most amazing team in the world: the physical activity office! Without them, the Move U Crew would simply not exist!

Emily is the Physical Activity Coordinator for UBC REC. Emily took the role of the Move U Crew lead this year. Simply put: Emily was the MVP for the Move U Crew! Everything you see above wouldn’t of been possible without her!

Alyssa is the Physical Activity Manager for UBC REC. As the leader of the office for physical activity, she made things happen. Pandemic? Online University? Nope—nothing will stop her! Because of Alyssa, we can continue our mission of promoting physical activity within the UBC community…. just online for a bit!



These folks are not the only one’s who made it happen. Shout outs to our marketing team, social media team, campus partners, and everyone else who helped this year! But most importantly, thank you! Thank you to the individual reading this! All this work and all these people—you, a member of the UBC community, are our mission. Keep moving my friends, we will see you this fall!

Kids Adventure Movement Break with the Move U Crew

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