Leaderboard — Walk for Joy Summer Edition

Welcome to the Walk for Joy Summer Edition Leaderboard!

A HUGE congratulations to all our steppers! Although this blog post is dedicated to our top-10 steppers, allow me to take the time to say: AMAZING WORK TO EVERYONE! No matter how many steps you took, you took part in this challenge! Give yourself a pat on the back, and remember to keep up those steps!

How can all your walking keep you talking? A top 10 board of course! Whether it be for personal satisfaction or bragging rights, let’s take a minute to congratulate our super steppers! These top ten Walk for Joy Participants have submitted the most steps thus far!

   Last Updated: July 28, 2021 @ 3:58pm (Week 1-9)



Susan B

2 536 939 Steps



Natalia B

1 991 281 Steps




1 758 547 Steps


4th Laura B

1 654 263 Steps

5th Pamela R

1 647 932 Steps

6th Rickey Y

1 554 653 Steps

7th Charlotte L

1 470 528 Steps

8th Joanne P

1 425 953 Steps

9th Kate C

1 350 825 Steps

10th Eric C

1 315 040 Steps

Enjoy the rest of your Summer!