Leaderboard — Walk for Joy Summer Edition

Welcome to the Walk for Joy Summer Edition Leaderboard!

How can all your walking keep you talking? A top 10 board of course! Whether it be for personal satisfaction or bragging rights, let’s take a minute to congratulate our super steppers! These top ten Walk for Joy Participants have submitted the most steps thus far!

As step counts are collected on Monday’s, please provide us some time to update this page!

   Last Updated: June 3, 2021



Susan B

562414 Steps



Marie R

413493 Steps



Laura B

383667 Steps


4th Kangsoon P

350767 Steps

5th Rickey Y

337157 Steps

6th Pamela R

328593 Steps

7th Elena U

321443 Steps

8th Joanne P

309480 Steps

9th Nina R

295233 Steps

10th David K

283482 Steps

See you next week! Remember to submit your steps!