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A Thank you and Announcing the 2021-2022 Staffing Structure & Intramural Restart

June 9, 2021

To all prospective staff, program alumni and dedicated supporters of the Intramural Experience:

In March of 2020 the Intramural Program took pause in response to the global pandemic of COVID-19. Over the next 15 months, a tremendously adept and patient group of staff would pull together a completely new version of our program bringing to life a virtual space and when possible, small but tremendously meaningful in person programs.

Through those successes were many challenges, none more notable than the impact and experience of staff, professional and volunteer alike. We could never say thank you enough to all those who committed through uncertainty, took setbacks and challenges in stride, found new innovations and creativity and did everything to keep the legacies of our program alive.

As we closed out the academic year in April, there was ever growing uncertainty of when and most importantly how, we would begin to rebuild a community that had been in constant motion for over 50 years.

I am truly excited to announce that time is now!

Earlier today we embarked on one of the most intensive and exciting paths to a fall program launch that we have ever undertaken. In just a few short months, we will be hiring the Program Development team, Directors & Assistant Directors across Events, Leagues and Marketing as well as League Officials and two Intramural Assistants.

We have already begun the planning and it is our every intention that with the appropriate allowance within the Public Health Orders and the UBC’s Return to Campus guidance we will be able to offer a full student staff experience including retreats, banquets, social space and programming.

There will of course be some differences and unintended impacts, both short and long-term as a result of the pandemic shutdown. Some of these may be due to fiscal restraints where others are the result of having an unprecedented opportunity to evaluate programming and staffing structure. In the end we believe the months and years ahead will be some of the most important in our long history. As we open the new chapter of our program we again cannot thank all those who have brought is to this point.

To all of our alumni and supporters who created and continue to support and champion the student staff experience ~ Thank you!! Your legacies are alive and have set an amazing stage for a new era.

To all of our prospective staff, we look forward to welcoming you into this community and being a part of the most impactful, influential and truly missed experiences on this campus.

Let the adventures begin,

Jason McManus
Manager, Intramural Programs

Please continue reading for more information & detailed breakdown of the 21-22 Program and Staffing Structure


Memo Re: 2021/2022 Program Development Team

Hello Everyone,

The past year 15 months have been truly extraordinary and a time that we all are extremely to be looking forward with definitive plans to re-ignite the community of Intramurals. As we turn our attention to bringing on a new staff, one of the first positions we are looking to fill is the role of the Program Developer.

This teams interacts with all areas and positions within Intramurals in an effort to build and provide the best social, leadership, and development environment for all staff. The role works to create involvement opportunities and insight into student support strategies, staff management, human resources, future program planning, and community building.

This year, priorities and responsibilities will be shared across the full team and will be overseen primarily by the Intramural Student Engagement Coordinator.

Projects will include, but not be limited to;

  • Orchestration & Oversight of Staff Hiring – Director & Assistant Director
  • Staff Onboarding – Training, Permissions, Personal Information Management
  • Staff Training & Retreats – Director & Full Staff Retreat
  • Community Building – Social & Welcome Opportunities, Staff Recognition, Communications, Student Office space, Staff Support,
  • Leadership Development – Board of Directors, Staff Evaluations
  • Staff Awards – 4 Year Awards & Excellence Awards, Award Legacy
  • Staff Banquets & Meetings – Winter & Spring Banquets, Service Awards
  • Special Projects – Future planning, Insight & support of staff initiatives/projects

The Intramural Program Development Team will be instrumental in re-building the student staff experience.

Openings:                  3

Position Type:           Volunteer (July 21 – Apr 22)

What to know more?

If you are interested, have questions or want to know more information:

Robyn Willmer, Coordinator, Intramural Student Engagement no later than Friday, June 18.

On behalf of the entire Intramural professional staff we want share with you our excitement to be back doing what we love.

Best Regards,

Robyn, Alex, Jason, Allen, Juliana


2021/22 Staffing Structure:




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