Changes effective Tuesday August 3

Building upon the changes introduced Monday July 12, visitors to the UBC Aquatic Centre will see additional changes effective Tuesday August 3, 2021:

Lane configurations and swimming capacities will increase:

  • Length swim: 4 swimmers per single 25m short-course (SC) lane;
  • Length swim: 6 swimmers per single 50m long-course (LC) lane;
  • Community swim:  30 swimmers for the entire Leisure tank (12 when sharing with swim lessons);

The above changes are being implemented so as to increase capacities allowing more individuals and families to make full use of the amenities while keeping basic measures in place given the current state of the health situation locally, regionally and nationally.

Reminders of other operational considerations:

  • Face masks remain strongly recommended when not in the water;
  • ALL Change room / bathroom / shower spaces are available for use;
  • Hot Tub, Steam & Sauna Open (Capacities: Hot Tub = 15; Steam = 5; Sauna = 5)
  • Facility and personal equipment permitted (exception: Wibit return date TBC);
  • Lockers: day use lockers are available;
  • Spectators are allowed with a maximum of two (2) per registered participant;
  • Program registration open 50 hours prior to any given session.

All are asked to be patient with staff and other guests as all adapt to the changes being implemented.

Thank you to all guests for continuing to do your part.