Day of the LongBoat : Back with a BANG!

It’s that time of the year again. Started in 1987 and still going strong, Day of the LongBoat returned after a one year hiatus. One of UBC’s favourite events was a total hit even with some wet weather and COVID-19 precautions in place.

Recapping the Key Info About Day of the LongBoat 2021

By the Numbers

157 Teams | 1490 Participants | 96 Volunteers | 3 Winners


Jericho Sailing Centre


Practice clinics: September 25, 2021

Race day: September 26, 2021

Relive Best Moments of the Day

Day of the LongBoat’21 was a huge success and every one had a part to play for that to happen.

Staff celebrating at Day of the LongBoat

Our beautiful MCs were the life of the party. They hyped up the event and got everyone’s dance moves on.

Fun costumes from teams

Team EDUCATORS were rocking in their custom t-shirts but apparently forgot how to spell (see the irony?)

Furry friend having fun at Day of the LongBoat

The event was star-studded as the teams were accompanied by some of the cutest mascots in the world.

The Race Winners

It was a cold rainy day but that didn’t stop our amazing participants from giving their best. That feeling of running towards the finish arch while every single person on the beach cheers you on and smashing the gong is one our participants will never forget. All the teams gave it their best shot but 3 of them stood above the pack.

Mixed Winners – firecrossjuice

This group of fiery individuals took longboat by a storm.  All of them met at Dragon boat and have been the team to beat since then. That winning feeling certainly made them feel warm inside on such a cold rainy day. All members of firecrossjuice love the song YMCA and it gets them pumped right before a big race.

W2TSGN Winners – Usain Boat

This team certainly lived up to their name and finished first in their category. The race got so competitive that at baton beach, they got t-boned by another team. This didn’t stop them though. They got right back on track and they won. Every single member of Usain Boat planned on celebrating by going to their homes and taking a hot shower. They’re excited for next year and are coming back to defend their title.

Open Winners – Kludge Crew

In our last race of the day, Kludge Crew brought their A-game and ended LongBoat with a bang. From start to finish they worked like a well-oiled machine. They were this year’s record time breakers as they finished the race in 9:56:38. They planned on celebrating by going big on beer. The team loves listening to All-star by Smash Mouth and they certainly proved that they have an all-star team.

Our Exquisite Events Crew

What makes LongBoat 2021 special is that it’s our return from COVID-19. It’s really great to see those competitive juices flowing again. We have a great crew that’s working extra hard to put on a great event and keeping the UBC Intramurals tradition alive. It’s good to be back.

– Alex Northey, Intramural Event Coordinator

Longboat 2021 might just be one of the best events of all time. What a day! From our lovely events crew, we thank you all for coming and we’re excited to see you again soon!