5 Ways to Stay Happy in the Rain!

As we make our way into the rainiest months of the year in Vancouver, it’s common for the wet, gloomy weather to affect our mood. With that said, here are 5 strategies to boost our happiness and add some brightness into our days here in “Raincouver”:

1. Gear up!

Fall into a habit of checking the weather ahead of time, so you can decide whether or not to pop on those rain boots or rain coat of yours. And of course, don’t forget to pack an umbrella with you wherever you go! You’ll thank yourself later when you’re not sitting in soaked clothes during class or walking in wet socks.

Credit: Paul H. Joseph / UBC Brand & Marketing

2. Surround yourself with friends & family

Sometimes the positive, bright vibes that the sun offers can also radiate from the energy of people around you. Whether it’s video calling your loved ones from abroad, studying with classmates, or dancing in the rain with your friends, social connection, as emphasized in the UBC Wellbeing Thrive 5 framework, is key to lowering stress and gaining a sense of belonging–two contributors to our overall happiness.

Credit: Paul H. Joseph / UBC Brand & Marketing

3. Treat yourself to a cozy day in

Don’t feel like going outside in the rain? We feel you. Treat yourself to a warm, cozy day in! This might look like putting on fuzzy socks, curling up in a blanket, sipping a hot beverage, and reading a book or listening to a podcast. For extra tips on how to stay happy all-year round, feel free to listen to The Happiness Lab by Dr. Laurie Santos, a podcast on evidence-based strategies to promote your happiness. 

Credit: Paul H. Joseph / UBC Brand & Marketing

4. Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of your body and your environment. It involves accepting the present as is and being curious (CMHA, 2018). In doing so, it can enhance overall well-being, improve quality of life, and reduce anxiety and stress (CMHA, 2018)!  The next time you’re waiting for the bus in the rain, take a moment to ask yourself and answer the following without judging the rain:

  • What does the rain sound like?
  • What does the rain feel like?
  • What does the rain smell like?

Credit: Paul H. Joseph / UBC Brand & Marketing

5. Stay moving!

Did you know that just a single session of physical activity is enough to boost your mood and energy, while lowering stress? If you’d like some outdoor activity, consider signing up for a free, 45-minute themed Wellbeing Walk hosted by the Move U Crew biweekly. Wellbeing Walks occur rain or shine, so rest assured, you will have company for some light exercise in the rain! If you prefer to exercise indoors, you can find over 50+ at-home movement breaks on our Instagram (@UBCRec), in addition to the many indoor facilities and services UBC Rec offers.

Credit: Martin Dee / UBC Communications & Marketing


While these 5 strategies can’t stop the rain, we hope that they can help you stay happy despite the rain. Remember to check us out on Instagram (@UBCRec) and Get Moving page for opportunities to stay active on rainy days and all-year round. To learn more about the benefits of exercise (and how it relates to happiness!), feel free to visit our  Why Be Active? page.