Intramural Leagues Sports is Hiring!

A cornerstone of Intramurals, the Leagues team provides a unique UBC experience for student participants who are looking for community during their time on campus. As the largest staff within Intramurals, this team goes above and beyond in their opportunity to create a positive and lasting participant experience for thousands of participants.

The staff support within the leagues sector is firmly built on the consistent, fun community existing within the League’s team, and fosters an everlasting community for staff and Intramural alumni. 

Overview & Structure:

This sector has 8 teams dedicated to running individual Intramural Sport Leagues for thousands of participants each week. Staff work closely with participants during on-site supervisory shifts, and are familiar with the back-end of League Sport management by taking on a key administrative role within their team.

Dodgeball League - Director: 1 | Assistant Directors: 4

Handley Cup Soccer League - Director: 1 | Assistant Directors: 10

Nitobe Basketball League - Director: 1 | Assistant Directors: 8

Ultimate League - Director 1 | Assistant Directors: 5

Cross Volleyball League - Director: 1 | Assistant Director: 10

Todd Ice Hockey League - Director: 1 | Assistant Director: 6


New in January 2022:

Handley Cup Soccer League/SRC Futsal League (SoFu) - Director: 1 | Assistant Directors: 10

Flag Football League - Director: 1 | Assistant Directors: 4


Total Staff (Leagues): 8 Directors, 61 Assistant Directors

Supported by the Intramural professional staff, all student staff are highly encouraged to be creative in their execution & development of their role, and trusted fully with the below responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  • Participant experience - registration, results/awards, communications, customer service, social coordination
  • League management - game scheduling, eligibility & rosters, equipment management, league promotion, attend weekly meetings
  • Sport Officials - Sport Officials scheduling and oversight, evaluation, training
  • Risk management and venue management, participant safety
  • Supervision of all games and participants
  • *Support at major event programs - Day of the LongBoat, UBC Triathlon Duathlon, Storm the Wall
  • 21/22 UBC Student - required (Sep-Mar)
  • Enthusiastic, organized, and responsible
  • Willingness to learn and teach others
  • No sport knowledge or experience necessary
  • Previous experience with Microsoft Office ~ Asset
  • Current First Aid and CPR/AED certification ~ Asset
  • Previous experience with UBC Recreation Intramurals program (participant or other) ~ Asset

By April 2022, staff will have gained:

  • Strong peer community of dedicated sport and student experience enthusiasts
  • Experience delivering outstanding sport programming for a diverse set of participants from across the entire UBC Community
  • Development of a variety of skills related to sport administration, including professional communication, data management, and use of Microsoft Office
  • First-hand experience in a variety of situations involving customer service and conflict resolution, including the development of a thorough understanding of policy development and enforcement
  • Management of time and projects while working effectively in a team

All Leagues staff will be expected to attend the following:


  • Jan 2022: Full Staff Welcome Back
  • March 5, 2022: UBC Triathlon Duathlon
  • March 20-23, 2022: Storm the Wall

Please review the full job description for more detailed information on responsibilities, dates, and outcomes:
Assistant Director

Ready to apply?

We are currently hiring two (2) Assistant Directors for the Volleyball crew! 

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