Thrive Research Seminar

Are you interested in current research on health and wellbeing? Do you like learning practices to improve your mental health and wellbeing? Look no further as we have the perfect event for you to attend!


Thrive Month: What is it? 

A time when the UBC community comes together to learn about, talk about, and explore ways to support one’s mental health. During this month, different partners on campus promote mental health literacy, try and reduce stigma, and encourage reflection on the diverse perspectives and experiences of mental health. 


Thrive Research Seminar Event Details

Date: November 23rd  

Time: 12:00pm to 1:00pm 

Place: Zoom – register here: 

What: Researchers from both UBC Vancouver and Okanagan who are experts in their field will be speaking specifically to how their research connects to the Thrive Five pillars. This is a great opportunity to learn more about novel research that is happening, ask questions, and learn about ways that we can improve our mental health and wellbeing.  

Our panelists for this event include the following:  

Dr. Tamara Cohen (Director of Dietetics and Assistant Professor for Food, Nutrition and Health at UBCV) 

  • Research includes understanding the interplay between different lifestyle behaviours, in particular eating behaviours, as they relate to weight management.  

Dr. Sally Stewart (Associate Professor in the School of Health and Exercise Science at UBCO) 

  • Research focuses on exercise, healthy lifestyles and behaviours for the prevention and management of chronic disease.  

Yeeun Lee (PhD student in Dr. Frances Chen’s lab) 

  • Research focuses on social disconnection, specifically her thesis aims to develop and disseminate an evidence-based online intervention to promote social engagement in British Columbia communities. 

Jin Wen (PhD student in Dr. Nany Sin’s lab) 

  • Research interest is examining the effects of night-to-night sleep on daily stress and emotions via ecological momentary assessments and biomarkers (e.g., cortisol, inflammation).  

Julia McKenna (MSc student in Dr. Guy Faulkner’s Lab)

  • Research interests include designing and evaluating physical activity interventions, physical activity guideline dissemination and implementation, and investigating the effect of physical activity on mental health.
  • Julia also has contributed to projects surrounding the knowledge translation of physical activity; specifically, interventions that disseminate and implement the recently released Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Adults.

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