Thrivin’, Not Survivin’: Different Ways to Thrive by Moving More

What’s up, UBC!

November is Thrive Month – UBC’s annual campaign to foster mental health in the UBC community through the Thrive 5! With all the midterms, projects and assignments piling up, here are different ways to move more so you can thrive in the month of November!


Do your favourite activity!

Whether it’s playing your favourite intramural sport, or getting some gardening done, set aside some time for your favourite activities to boost your mood! These can be great active study breaks during this time of year!



Get Active with Nature!

Take a break from the indoors, get some fresh air in and go for a walk, run, ride, or roll in nature. Go and explore the wealth of trails, beaches, and other outdoor spaces that Vancouver has to offer!






Take a Stand!

While studying or doing any virtual work, try standing for five minutes at the beginning of each hour. Or, make it a habit to stand during meetings; you may encourage others to do the same!







Take a Movement Break!

Sitting for prolonged periods of time for work or for studying can take its toll on your brain and body. To counter that, take some time for a movement break with our Move U Crew! You can view some on our Youtube channel here or on our Instagram, @ubcrec.





Who doesn’t love taking a break and dancing to their favourite tunes? Whether it’s by yourself or with some friends, take the time to bust a move! If you’re into dancing or are looking to try some dance classes, check out our event, “Slide Into Thrive” to get you groovin’ and movin’!




These are a couple of ways to improve your mood and relieve stress by moving more. You can also check out an online class with @ubcrec, or do some simple stretches between classes or meetings. Moving even just a little can help you re-energize and feel a bit better. If you’re looking for more opportunities to move in the month of November, check out the Thrive Calendar here! Learn more at or on Instagram @ubcwellbeing.