5 Tips to Sleep Soundly

Sleep is so important – I don’t think I have to tell you twice. It’s crucial to our daily lives that we get enough quality sleep. For everyone, but especially for students, we need that time to rest and repair our brains and bodies. A helpful way to ensure you have a good night’s rest is having a consistent nightly routine to prep yourself for some well-deserved z’s. Here are some things to spice up your bedtime routine.


Tip #1 is to drink a warm beverage. Maybe this is more about the ritual than the actual effects, regardless, there’s nothing like a warm cup o’ tea to add some cozy into your night. I hear Chamomile tea and warm lemon water are fan favourites. 


Tip #2 is to journal. Whether you decide to write out some of your thoughts or to-do lists, it’s nice to reflect and regroup at the end of your day. 


Tip #3 is a three in one (fittingly), take some time to incorporate a calming activity such as reading before bed. If reading is not your thing, try out a mellow podcast show or an audiobook. There are also various apps that provide white noise or soundscapes to lull you into REM. Another option would be to play some soothing music to get you in the zone for sleep.


Tip #4 is to take a moment to breathe. As simple as it may sound, how often do you notice your breath throughout the day? Try some breathing techniques such as square breathing (in 4, hold 4, out 4, hold 4) to help you relax and unwind. 


Tip #5 is to add a bedtime stretch into the mix. Take a moment to roll out any kinks in your body, releasing the tension in your neck, wrists, and shoulders (typically where students hold the most stress).


A night routine should be unique and tailored to your needs, hopefully, these tips helped to inspire some ideas. Feel free to check out the UBC Rec Instagram for some stretches you could incorporate into your bedtime rituals! Sweet dreams!