Great Escape 2021 Roundup

We have a mystery to solve, and it isn’t why we are only now experiencing the first fall reading week in UBC history. This mystery is related to the Great Escape 2021, which made a memorable return to UBC this past November 4th, with this year’s theme: Submarines in the Sea of Skelm.

From riddles to races, we couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate the return of an in person semester than with an a-MAZE-ing Campus Escape Room, as the weather blessed us with a marvelous start picture perfect double rainbow! 

Outdoor QR code trails lead from the actual IKB building, down to the treasure boxes near the speech and dialogue centre. And no, this rainbow was not a paid actor.



Teams had to build a fishing rod in order to collect the message in the bottle that told them where to go next. 



Go 10 paces North, then 6 paces towards Koerner Library…


Check out a the video below to recap the best moments from The Great Escape 2021: