3 Tips To Thrive By Eating Well!



As members of the UBC community, we all lead very busy schedules and face daily challenges. Like it or not, our jam-packed schedules and the obstacles we face have taken a toll on our mental health. That’s why Thrive month is an awesome way for all of us to come together and acknowledge our mental health by learning, talking, and supporting ourselves and others through mental health. So join me today as I walk you through one of the “Thrive 5”, eating healthy, and how that can promote our mental health and let us thrive in our day-to-day lives! Here are 5 tips to eating healthy as a student:


1. Meal Prep


Meal prepping is an awesome way to ensure that you save time and have healthy meals laid out for you at your convenience. It allows you to measure out your portion sizes, save some money and most importantly balance your meals. Don’t know what to meal prep? No worries, check out “11 Ideas For Meal Prep Day by UBC Vancouver Food Services!


2. Eat Breakfast

round white ceramic plate filled with waffle      white ceramic bowl with food

I know you have all heard how “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Having early morning schedules and trying to catch up on a lack of sleep can make it hard to have breakfast in the mornings. But we should really make an effort to consume breakfast as it fuels you for the mornings and allows you to maintain focus and alertness. Here are some quick and easy “Breakfast Ideas” for you to try in the morning.


3. Plant-Based Meal 

vegetable salad     

Adding a plant-based meal into our weekly diet is not only an awesome way to aid in helping our digestive system but it is also a way we can contribute to bettering our environment. Plant-based meals are also generally cheaper options that are filled with plenty of nutrients ready to help you conquer your day! Lentils, tofu, beans, and chickpeas are awesome protein-filled plant-based foods that will fill you up and make you feel good! Here is an awesome article by UBC about how eating a plant-based diet can help out the environment!


A lot of the time we tend to overlook healthy eating. With our busy lives, unhealthy foods may sometimes be the most convenient and affordable option. During thrive month it is important for us to take initiative and make healthy eating choices. Maintaining a balanced diet will not only help us from a nutrition standpoint but also from a mental health standpoint as well. So UBC let’s come together during thrive month and improve our wellbeing! Make sure to check out the Thrive 5 website and the many awesome events hosted by UBC to promote wellbeing!