Become a Lifeguard!

Lifeguarding is a rewarding job that you can work towards here at UBC!

Learn how to assess and respond to emergency situations, how to mitigate accidents, and most importantly, how to save lives. We offer all of these certifications at the UBC Aquatic Centre and also hire many Lifeguard and Swim Instructors each term! In order to be a lifeguard in Canada you need to complete a series of certifications.

Ultimately, lifeguarding is regarded as a great job where through the training, work, problem solving, and teamwork you get the chance to not only be part of an amazing team supporting our community’s physical/mental health and wellness goals, but also have the opportunity to learn and develop important life, life-saving and real-world transferrable skills that will help you for your life and career after UBC.

UBC Aquatic Centre: Certification Courses :   FALL 2021   |   WINTER 2022

Canadian Red Cross : How to become a lifeguard

Lifesaving Society BC/Yukon : National Lifeguard

Become a National Lifeguard