Service Spotlight: Movement Breaks

Physical activity has been linked to numerous health benefits across all populations, so what are you waiting for?  

Many people want to improve their physical activity, but it is hard to find the time. Right!? Contrary to popular belief, physical activity is more than working out and performing vigorous bouts of exercise every day; the smallest changes can add up to create huge benefits. Moving more and sitting less can improve both mental and physical health, impact academic and professional success, and contribute to wellbeing in meaningful ways. That is why we would like to share some ways to increase your physical activity at UBC by incorporating movement breaks into your day! 

Movement breaks are a great way to implement more physical activity into your day and break up those extended periods of sitting down. Evidence shows that physical activity improves one’s mood, productivity, motivation, and of course, physical health! Not only will you see a benefit, but movement breaks, uniquely, increase the energy of your meetings, lectures, or events by improving your focus and your mood.  


In-Person Movement Break Options

Request the Move U Crew

Want the Move U Crew to break up your sitting in class, at events, or during meetings? Whether it’s dance, stretching, or light exercise, the Move U Crew will organize a session that will get your group moving. Request a free, guided in-person movement break from the Crew by completing this form. Have any questions? Email the Move U Crew at


Virtual Movement Break Options

Live Virtual Movement Breaks

Need a break from your online commitments? The Move U Crew can deliver virtual movement breaks for your online lectures, meetings and events. Request a free, guided in-person or virtual movement break from the Crew by completing this online form. Have any questions? Find out more information here or reach out to the Move U Crew at

Pre-Recorded Movement Breaks

Trying to find a way to incorporate more movement into your own day? Check out @ubcrec for guided movement breaks from the Move U Crew. Additionally, you can view a catalog of movement breaks from the Move U Crew with the Youtube playlist here.