Join the Move U Crew!

Do you have a passion for movement and helping others? If you answered yes, we want U on the Crew!

The Move U Crew is committed to enhancing campus wellbeing. We do this by offering movement breaks in classes, conferences and meetings, hosting guided walks, and helping to coordinate movement challenges. Move U Crew members are “movement specialists” with experience in fitness, dance, stretching and a variety of other recreation specialties. The goal of the Move U Crew is to engage students, staff and faculty in physical activity and contribute to personal and professional success on campus and beyond.

You may recognize the Move U Crew from our signature teal shirts. You can find us IRL on the UBC campus or on the UBC Rec Instagram page leading movement breaks and posting fun reels!

A part of the job that may not be so obvious is all the creativity involved! As a member of the Move U Crew, you not only flex your body muscles but your creative muscles as well. On the Move U Crew, you get to create content such as movement breaks which require originality when planning. Not only do we film and edit these videos ourselves but we have full creative freedom when making them. Also, the Move U Crew loves making reels that range in various topics from “5 Ways of Active Transportation On Campus” to “5 Fall Photos on Campus.” Did you know the Move U Crew also writes Blog posts? In fact, the one you’re reading right now is being written by a current Move U Crew member! As you can see, there’s lots of space to be creative!

We also have the amazing opportunity to lead campus-wide events and initiatives. Getting to interact with the UBC community is one of the most rewarding aspects of the job. During movement breaks in class or meetings, we can see the immediate benefits of moving your body. Very often, you can feel the shift in energy as you leave the participants feeling refreshed. On an even bigger scale, we host events such as dance and spin classes!

This was only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what the Move U Crew does on a daily basis. There are so many other services that I haven’t had time to touch on such as Wellbeing Walks and Physical Activity Coaching. The possibilities are endless when it comes to our Crew.

If any of this sparked your interest, U should apply to be part of the Move U Crew! Please head over to UBC Careers Online for more information about the role and how to submit your application. We are hiring both a Move U Crew Team Lead, as well as Move U Crew Team Members. The job postings go live on February 1st. The application deadline is February 28th. We look forward to reviewing your application!