Laying their Pre-Season Foundations: UBC TSC Cycling Prepares for Spring Racing Ahead

Photo by Jonathan Wong

A ‘normal’ year of collegiate cycling requires months of training and focus ahead of our Spring race season. The ever-shifting tides of the pandemic, however, have required an unprecedented level of diligence throughout the Fall and Winter months dedicated to pre-season groundwork. In light of the challenges and uncertainties that have obstructed a clear path to our 2022 race season, we would like to highlight the leadership, training, and motivations that have kept us ‘pedaling ahead’ this Winter. 

Team Leadership:

Our club executives have stepped-up to meet the dynamic needs of our team this year. Despite the volatility of quick-changing provincial health orders, our Co-Club Leads––Mikayla Ogrodniczuk and Jared Lynd––succeeded in curating a high-level training environment while ensuring team safety and adherence to all provincial and UBC health guidelines. The careful balance of our safe yet effective training capacity, however, required cohesive leadership from all of our club executives. Consistent meetings allowed for collaborative and transparent decision-making and input from our entire seven-member executive team. 

Get to know the 2021/22 UBC Cycling Executive Team below!

Club Leads

Mikayla Ogrodniczuk & Jared Lynd

It’s this dynamic duo’s second year on the UBC TSC Cycling Team––and we’re lucky to have them. Mikayla Ogrodniczuk (left) is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Physical Therapy while Jared Lynd (right) is completing the final year of his Environmental Engineering degree. Together, Mikayla and Jared have taken great initiative to ensure the team runs smoothly and successfully across all levels of operation. 

Having first picked up road cycling in Grade 9, Mikayla subsequently traded-in her wheels for a hockey stick until graduating from UBC’s Varsity Hockey team. Having returned to the bike as an experienced collegiate athlete, Mikayla looks forward to racing with the team this Spring. 

Jared also found cycling with a successful multi-sport background in tow. Looking to apply himself to a new sport, Jared found that he had a road bike at his disposal and hasn’t looked back since. Jared is similarly looking forward to racing alongside the team this Spring.

Finally, their favourite places to ride, you ask? Jared recommends the hilly terrain of North Vancouver while Mikayla prefers any waterfront roads!

Finance Officer

Emiliano Arellano

This is Emiliano’s second year on the UBC Cycling team and first year as an executive. Emiliano’s role as Finance Officer is an apt addition to his studies as a fourth-year finance major. As someone who enjoys staying active and trying every sport available, Emiliano was eager to get into cycling over the pandemic and it has since become one of his favourite sports. 

Emiliano enjoys the classic loops of Stanley Park but recommends trying new routes in order to enjoy the countless views Vancouver has to offer. Moving forward, Emiliano strives to keep improving as a cyclist while learning from his teammates’ experiences. 

Marketing & Communications Officer

Dylan Annandale

2021/22 marks Dylan’s third year on the UBC Cycling team and second year as an executive. Dylan is currently in his fourth year in the hons. English program and finds his MarComm role to be a unique application of his literary background. Having started his time at UBC on the Varsity Rowing team, Dylan found a new passion for cycling through his Summer job at a local bike store, hanging up his oars to pursue athletics on dry land thereafter. 

Dylan recommends the Seymour Demo Forest on a sunny (yet not too busy) day and is looking forward to warmer weather this Spring. 

Fundraising Officers

Bronwyn Posynick & Kolby Mullen

This is the first year on the team and as an executive for both Bronwyn Posynick (left) and Kolby Mullen (right)! Starting off strong, Bronwyn and Kolby exceeded our fundraising target in Term 1 with flying colours (especially navy and gold)! Bronwyn is currently a fourth-year PhD candidate studying Medical Genetics and Kolby is a fourth-year History Major with an additional Commerce Minor. 

Bronwyn found cycling through cross-training at the beginning of the pandemic and has since honed her cycling skills in preparation for racing. You can often find Bronwyn tearing up and down the hills of North Van or along the coast to Horseshoe Bay. Her motto?–– “Don’t forget to fuel the work!” which is likely in reference to her preferred ride snack: Snickers Chocolate Bars.

Kolby also started cycling during the pandemic after his organized sports were canceled in March of 2020. Taking the first summer of the pandemic to warm up to it, Kolby is now glad to be training seriously on his bike. If you also enjoy riding through scenic, rolling terrain and uninterrupted highway, Kolby recommends the Sunshine Coast!

Travel & Safety Officer

Ekansh Roy

Ekansh is a second-year UBC Cycling athlete and first-year executive. Academically, Ekansh is a fourth-year student studying Materials Engineering! As Travel and Safety Officer, Ekansh ensures that our team trains and gets to races safely and efficiently. How does a Materials Engineering student have time to ride his bike, you ask? He doesn’t––but that’s how Ekansh found cycling, as an escape from his stressful academic schedule. 

On the bike, Ekansh’s preferred ride snack is a blueberry scone and his favourite ride-route is to Deep Cove! Ekansh’s tip for new cyclists is that “at the end of the day, riding is about having fun, always keep that in mind.”

Coaching and Training:

Alongside our executive team is our Head Coach, Joanie Caron. It’s Joanie’s first year coaching the UBC Cycling Team and we are already amazed with her commitment, attention to detail, expertise, and ability to foster engagement across all modes of training; she has truly elevated the competitive energy of our team!

Joanie Caron

In preparation for the Spring race season, Joanie has catered to us an in-depth training plan in addition to in-person skill sessions and race simulations. Joanie’s adept coaching skills are unsurprising, however, given her impressive cycling career as both an athlete and coach. Combining science and experience, Joanie is an Olympian and has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology. More so, she is passionate about cycling and bike racing, having raced both on the road/track and competing in the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games as a pilot with a visually impaired athlete. With more than 15 yrs racing at the high-level and working with the best in the field, she aims to support our athletes by identifying their respective areas of improvement, not only from a holistic fitness standpoint but also combining technical and tactical abilities. Joanie also coaches athletes and clubs through her Vancouver-based Company Altius Velo!

Here’s what Joanie had to say when interviewed about the sport of cycling:

Q: What’s the best aspect of working with collegiate athletes here on the UBC Cycling team?


First, student-athletes are driven and are seeking excellence. While some of them are new to cycling or coming from another sport, others have a bit more experience and I like that diversity. They are keen to learn, train and I hope that they can get tools to enjoy cycling and bike racing for their collegiate time and beyond.

Q: Do you have any tips for new cyclists?


First, I suggest that you reach out to other cyclists and build your community. Get some coaching advice, whether it is through clinics or joining a Club. Secondly, get to know your bike and how to maintain it…so you can be self-sufficient. Lastly, whether it is a Fondo or cycling trip, set goals that motivate you, something big or dreamy enough to get you out of bed on cold, rainy days. Most of all, have fun!

Moving Forward…

We hope that you have enjoyed the brief insight into how our team functions and the introduction to those who keep it functioning. While it is impossible to make concrete projections as to our racing and training plans amid the pandemic, we are excited to announce that we have registered for the local Spring Series races here in BC throughout March. While we would typically be slated to compete in the Northwest Collegiate Cycling Conference (NWCCC) in the American Pacific Northwest, current travel advisories and border restrictions prevent us from announcing definitive plans to participate at this time. However, if the pandemic has taught us anything it’s that things can change at any moment! Therefore, if you would like to stay updated as to our racing schedules and locations you can view our calendar on the UBC Cycling homepage in addition to staying tuned-in to our social media channels (IG: @ubccycling, FB: UBC Cycling Team)! We look forward to keeping you updated throughout the Spring to come!