Douglas Bowl 2022 Champs

After a two-year break from competition, we are ecstatic to say that we are back and competing. Douglas Bowl was our first official tournament back as we competed against the University of Victoria and took the win 15-7 against an enthusiastic and hardworking opponent.

  • Photo Credit: Mark Bates Photography

Some stand out players include:

    • Emma Best who flexed their hucks and had an incredible foot block D,
    • Andrea Moir and Mika Kurahashi who showed their incredible skying ability over many defenders
    • Sandra Balitaan who showed incredible determination on D and incredible layouts throughout the entire game.

Upcoming in our tournament schedule is North-West Challenge, where we will get the chance to compete against our friendly US rivals after a two year hiatus.

Stay tuned on our social media to keep updated with our tournament results and leading up to our other big competitions.