Intramural Staff Testimonials 2/3

Welcome to the second segment of where we get to know some members of our team across departments of Events, Leagues, and Media!


Concha Sousa – Assistant Director of Events


Why did you join Intramurals?

  • I knew that I wanted to join an event-planning committee in university, because I had been part of one in high school and enjoyed it so much. After doing some research, I came across Intramurals. I binge-watched a LOT of the videos about Storm the Wall, Day of the Longboat etc. and when I saw that they were hiring I just decided to go for it! (And I’m very glad I did.)

What made you decide you wanted to stay with Intramurals?

  • Well, it’s mainly the vibe and the energy that you feel when you’re at events or with REC staff. I LOVE the energy and the vibe that you get from participants during events – it’s a mutual exchange of happiness from both sides, where I get to hype them up and they vibe off of that energy, get very excited and hype me up as well. In terms of the staff, the energy that you get whether it be at hang outs or work parties creates a really close community of people that you know are going to support you and have fun with you – even if (especially if) it’s while setting up for events at 2am.

What has been your favourite part of being an Intramural staff?

  • Oooh, I can’t choose just one but if I have to narrow it down, I’d say either interacting with participants/students at events or DJing and having fun at work parties.

What is it like to be in Events?

  • Unlike other sectors, Events does not have a set schedule, so you can have a few very calm weeks and suddenly you’re at the REC office almost every single night for two weeks straight leading up to a big event. You can expect fun work parties (disclaimer: it’s not an actual party) with lots of music playing in the background, early wake up calls to set up for events, big muscles from lifting at said events, a very supportive group of friends who will motivate you to push past your comfort zones and who are always down for some fun times, and overall, some REALLY GREAT memories.






Nicky Lowinger – Assistant Director of Leagues



Why did you join Intramurals?

  • I joined intramurals because I was interested in being part of a community that was related to sports and have a more intimate university experience. I had a great experience in the futsal league in my first year and it inspired me to join intramurals and give back to the UBC community.

What made you decide you wanted to stay with Intramurals?

  • I only just joined Intramurals in the fall of 2021, but I’d definitely want to come back in the future. The friends and connections I’ve created have truly made Intramurals a unique and incredible experience. I always enjoy meeting new people in Intramurals, and I’m very proud of the work I’ve accomplished as an Intramurals member, it’s very fulfilling. It feels like I’m truly making a difference in the UBC community and creating unforgettable memories for myself, my fellow Intramurals members, and those who participate in the Intramurals leagues and events.

What has been your favourite part of being an Intramural staff?

  • My favourite part of being an Intramural staff is definitely meeting new people, making new friends, and feeling like I’m part of a community. UBC is very large, with over 50,000 undergrad students, it’s easy to feel lost and alienated. Being part of Intramurals has created a sense of home at UBC, and the people I’ve connected and worked with have been an absolutely integral part to my enjoyment and experience at UBC.

What is it like to be in Leagues?

  • Being part of Leagues is a blast. Spending time with my crew during supervising hours is always a highlight of my week. Learning tangible skills like managing and scheduling are practical and useful for future jobs. Interacting with the players who come in to play their games is enjoyable as well. The shared memories my crew and I have of certain teams or players is always great to look back on. Leagues as a whole is an incredible department filled with hard-working and intelligent people who I can also share a laugh with.

Can you tell me about a challenge that you had to overcome within the program that ultimately helped you grow (personally or professionally)?

  • A challenge I had to overcome while I was still starting out was balancing time between Intramurals and schoolwork. Intramurals is a decent time commitment, and managing my time between classes and papers with supervising and scheduling is necessary to have a smooth experience in Intramurals. Being able to successfully balance my time between schoolwork and Intramurals has ultimately help me grow a lot.


Marcelo Rosales – Assistant Director of Digital Marketing





Why did you join Intramurals?

  • I joined intramurals because I wanted to be one of the people that build the community and spirit of UBC! Almost everyone that joined UBC Intramurals said such good things about the program and how it has been the best decision made through their UBC undergrad! I did not hesitate to apply and so far I can say it has been one of the best experiences in my undergrad! I wish I would have joined earlier and not wait until my third year!

What about your experience so far makes you want to come back to the program in the future? 

  • The community, connections, friends, and experiences that I have had in this program are main reasons as to why I want to return for my final undergrad year! Being part of this community has made me step out of my comfort zone by putting myself out there. Not only that, but this program has some of the most outgoing and extremely nice people you will ever meet! You won’t regret it.

What has been your favourite part of being an Intramural staff?

  • There are so many things that have definitely been on my top favourite things in the program, but one of the things I really enjoy was the end of the semester formal’s were all the intramural staff get’s together to celebrate a successful semester coming to an end! as well as getting to know more people and enjoying all funny moments of the semester the media team puts together!

What is it like to be in Digital Marketing?

  • As someone with a creative and artistic mind it has been amazing being part of a team where I get to bring new ideas and design such cool videos, post, reels, etc. to bring the hype to the UBC community for upcoming events and leagues! Being part of this team has taught me new skills that will definitely help me in a near future!

Can you tell me about a challenge that you had to overcome within the program that ultimately helped you grow (personally or professionally)?

  • As someone with very little experience in professional graphic design softwares, I mostly focused on simple softwares like Procreate or Canva as well as iMovie. However, as I started to push myself professionally I got to grow and learn skills in a plethora of other softwares like Adobe Illustrator, Lightroom. Photoshop, etc. It has definitely been a challenge to self taught all these skills but it has been a fun process overall.