Join the Intramural Student Staff!

It is that time of the year again! UBC Intramurals is looking to add new members to our team of passionate and dedicated volunteer student staff. 

Each year Intramural staff members organize and execute the most memorable campus experiences at UBC; from large-scale events like Day of the Longboat and Storm the Wall, to the weekly Intramural sport leagues that bring life to campus. With the support from professional staff members, student volunteers are given the opportunity to interact with the UBC community, plan extraordinary events, and develop their technical skills. Student leaders often describe their experience in this unique leadership development program as life-altering, as it provides an opportunity to develop professionally, while creating lasting relationships and memories.


Don’t know which team to apply for? Check out this infographic to help determine your most compatible team!

UBC REC Intramural Recruitment Infographic

UBC REC Intramural Recruitment Infographic – Start from the top and work your way through the questions to determine which team you’re most compatible with




Read more about the three different departments that the Intramural volunteer program offers and a few quotes from the directors.

Intramural staff smiling behind their masks

Intramural staff smiling behind their masks


Intramural Leagues Team: 

The Intramural League Sports team coordinates the various sports leagues that play weekly across campus. As critical administrators of the leagues, these student staff teams manage the logistics in order to ensure their respective league runs smoothly. League’s staff is also responsible for the on-site supervision of intramural games. You may have caught a glimpse of our league’s team, in their awesome jackets, setting up and taking down equipment, and overseeing your intramural games! 

League’s Directors and Assistant Directors play a critical role in ensuring that participants have a positive experience in our Intramural Leagues. This includes the communication of any league-specific updates, registration, game scheduling, accurate result inputting, and actively interacting with participants to resolve anything that may come up. Furthermore, the Intramural League Sports teams assist in the delivery of significant events such as UBC’s iconic Day of the LongBoat, UBC Triathlon, and Storm the Wall.

 Sammy (Ice Hockey Director 2021/2022)

Sammy (Ice Hockey Director 2021/2022)

For Nina (Basketball Director 2021/2022), she describes her time as a director in the league’s sector as “acting as a bridge between the full-times and your own team…and being responsible for the daily interactions to best support and providing guidance and supervision for participants and team.”

Timme (Events Director 2021/2022)

For Sammy (Ice Hockey Director 2021/2022), her time as a director has given her the opportunity to talk to more people and gather insight from talented leaders. She describes her tasks as: being responsible for scheduling shifts, developing and implementing league-specific guidelines, and supporting her crew with anything they need.





In 2022/2023,  the Intramural Leagues offer eight total leagues, including two returning programs in January 2022:

Dodgeball League

Handley Cup Soccer League

Nitobe Basketball League

Ultimate League

Cross Volleyball League

Todd Ice Hockey League



Handley Cup Soccer League/SRC Futsal League (SoFu)

Flag Football League 


Students looking to join the Intramural League Sports team should have a willingness to learn and teach others. This could stem from their specific sport or working in a large team environment to facilitate the best experience for participants. If you enjoy sports management and want to experience the logistics  of organizing regular sporting events, then this team is best for you! 



Intramural Events: 

The Intramural Events team orchestrates some of UBC’s most iconic events throughout the year. These events include Day of the LongBoat, Storm the Wall, and the UBC Triathlon, just to name a few. Working alongside full-time staff members, the events staff organize all the necessary components of running these grand events from logistics, scheduling volunteers, participant registration, sponsorships/partnerships, and promotion. Our events staff works hard and in silence for months preparing for these events and on the day of they are responsible for creating a positive and fun atmosphere for students to engage with.


Jonah (Events Director 2021/2022)

Jonah (Events Director 2021/2022)



For Jonah (Events Director 2021/2022), executing large-scale events like Storm the Wall and making it a fun and safe experience for both participants and staff alike allows for developing his team’s skills and bringing back some life to the UBC campus.




For Anna (Events Director 2021/2022), it’s about  being surrounded by the most supportive, caring, and hard-working people on campus that ensures the success of the program and its events.

 Timme (Events Director 2021/2022)

Timme (Events Director 2021/2022)



For Timme (Events Director 2021/2022), being a staff member is about the lifelong memorable experiences with everyone in REC is something he will cherish forever, and supporting his assistant directors mentally and emotionally in full capacity.





The Intramural Events team spearheads some of the most significant projects in the Intramural program. Prospective student volunteers will get to experience the administrative, social, and skill development of working on large-scale events with a diverse team of staff and students. As part of UBC’s most recognizable intramural events, volunteers will engage with the UBC community to bring spirit, involvement, and fun into campus life.


Intramural Media: 

The Intramural Media sector is composed of two teams who are responsible for the content creation, maintenance, and promotion of the Intramural program on various platforms. The Digital Marketing team focuses on the creation and strategic planning of digital  content for all Intramural Events and Leagues at UBC. This team captures the experiences of our participants at events and leagues and translates them into amazing digital memories that you can find on UBCREC’s Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and more!


The Photograph and Videography Media Staff produces high-quality visual imagery for Intramural participants and staff. This team creates media that is dedicated as a remembrance of Intramural events through experiences of story-boarding, content management, media composition, and coverage of programs. The goal of the team is to document, build, and inspire the everlasting community for staff and Intramural alumni.


Mikey (Digital Marketing Director 2021/2022)

Mikey (Digital Marketing Director 2021/2022)



For Mikey (Digital Marketing Director 2021/2022), the opportunity for professional development by managing projects with creative freedom came with being able to work with the incredible team of directors and staff. As the project manager for creative promotional content on UBC Recreation’s social media and website, it is the uniqueness and diverse ideas that allow for the creation of amazing content to promote UBC intramurals.



While previous experience working in digital creation is an asset, the Intramural Marketing teams are designed to allow those who have a strong willingness to be active in creative, innovative, and dynamic work duties to develop their skills and knowledge. Those who are enthusiastic, organized, and enjoy interacting with the UBC community to capture memories will benefit from joining the team as it allows full capture of all aspects of the Intramural program.

UBC REC Intramural Staff Team Photo 2022

UBC REC Intramural Staff Team Photo 2022


As the UBC Intramural program begins its hiring for student volunteers for the upcoming year, if you are interested in meeting a group of diverse, dedicated students, this opportunity is best for you. The skills and experiences you develop will allow you to strive in the UBC community and gain a working knowledge of the Intramural program from the background stand.


As to quote many previous student staff volunteers, “Just do It, you won’t regret it!”  


Visit our hiring page to apply!!!