Return of Storm the Wall is a Wild Success!

One of UBC’s favourite traditions, Storm the Wall, returned after a two-year absence and was met with enthusiasm and even a glimpse of sunshine. Even before its return was officially announced in February 2022, the campus community had been eagerly awaiting the return of the iconic 12-foot walls (and the smell of bark mulch in the air). By the end of the two weeks – one for safety clinics and a second for racing – over 3,000 people had swam, sprinted, cycled, run, and stormed the beloved walls.

The 42nd edition of Storm the Wall was a return to its full form as 5-part relay race. In the team categories, a different member of the team completed each of the initial four parts – a swim, a sprint, a cycle, and a distance run – before meeting the fifth member of their team to scale the walls together. For the Iron Persons categories, racers completed the race course on their own and attempted to ascend the wall with only the help of one other person.

A little over two years ago, Storm the Wall was among one of the very first cancellations due to COVID-19 precautionary measures.  The event’s return was much anticipated but the path to its return took a lot of heavy lifting. Behind the scenes of the event, over 80 student volunteers and a small group of of professional staff spent months planning the safe and triumphant return of Storm the Wall.

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