Spring Has Sprung; Jumping into Outdoor Activities!

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The air is feeling fresh and the sun is shining…spring is here! I don’t know about you, but the change in seasons has put a pep in my step and I’m itching to get outdoors. The wonderful weather is the perfect invitation to get moving! Here are just a few ways you can spring into the season 😉



Try going for a run, the most groundbreaking idea you’ve heard all day, I know. I’m sure you’ve heard it before and you may be rolling your eyes, BUT this one is great because all you need is yourself and a pair of sneakers. Whether it’s along the sea wall or around your neighbourhood, going for a run is a great way to observe all the blooming flowers and budding trees. 



This is a great form of cardio and perfect for warmer weather. Arguably, skip rope had its moment on the internet last year – and for good reason! There are a bunch of benefits to skipping rope such as: improving cardio, coordination, balance and bone density. Plus, it’s really fun!



No one is ever too old to play! There are so many ways to play outside such as basketball, soccer, tennis, frisbee, Spikeball and more! Around UBC and Vancouver, there are many public courts and spaces to throw, kick, or spike a ball around. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this category so don’t forget to embrace that inner child and play.



Personally, one of my favourite forms of movement is walking! Have you ever thought of incorporating mindfulness into your walks? I like to use these techniques to get grounded and present. Here are some prompts to think about on your next stroll: 

  • Experience the senses: Notice the sounds, smells, sights, and feelings
  • Observe your movement: experience the sensation of stepping and breathing
  • Notice the environment: maybe play a game of eye spy with yourself and list out all the things in your surroundings



Maybe you like to skateboard around campus or at a skate park? Perhaps cycling the sea wall sparks your interest? Take a look at our blog post that outlines some great bike routes. Ever try rollerskating or rollerblading? There are plenty of ways to get rockin’ n rollin’ this spring. 



It doesn’t have to be only jumping but I’d invite you to take your workout outdoors. It may sound daunting to work out in public but trust me, most people are busier thinking about themselves to stop and stare. So, find your closest park or outdoor space and get moving with some bodyweight exercises. Need some inspo? Check out UBC rec’s Instagram for movement breaks that walk you through stretches and circuits. 


Click here to follow along with Sam as she leads you through the perfect park circuit, no equipment needed!