2022 UBC-V Sports Day Results & Photos

UBC Vancouver’s Staff & Faculty Sports Day returned with a full-fledged afternoon of fun and activities! Spread out across two time slots, 69 teams and over 360 people took part in this year’s event. Each team had an opportunity to choose from an offering of fourteen activities, with competitive teams vying to see who could complete the most during the 1.5 hour time blocks. Team rAPSCallions and co emerged as the afternoon’s overall winner.

Not to be too caught up in competition, there was tons of energy, bright colours, and cheerful spirit in abundance. Many teams wore costumes to represent their units and departments. Be sure to check out the photo gallery to see some of the very best! Amongst the event staff, iSchool SLAYS! Team was recognized as exhibiting the best team spirit and awarded this year’s trophy for “Most Spirited Team.”

To cap off the afternoon, teams celebrated with snacks and refreshments in the newly minted Après portion of the event. This was followed by an awards ceremony to recognize the award winners as well as hand out door prizes for dozens of people who participated. All winners regardless of attendance will be contacted with details of how to claim their prize in the upcoming week.

Thank you to all who participated! From the organizing team and event day staff, it was a genuine treat to see so many smiling faces and we can’t wait to do it again next year!


Team Name Category # of Activites Completed Walk, Roll, Run Step Count Overall Ranking
rAPSCallions and co Competitive 12 224,733 1
PharmSci Competitive 12 N/A 2
Occupational Hazards Competitive 12 N/A 2
The Yellow Triangles Competitive 11 N/A 4
League of Data Defenders Competitive 11 N/A 4
Cluster Robust Standard Players Competitive 11 N/A 4
Rock Solid Competitive 10 N/A 7
CCEL Storm Competitive 10 N/A 7
We’ve Got Chemistry, Yo! Competitive 10 N/A 7
A Very Human Squad Competitive 9 N/A 10
You’re on Mute Competitive 9 N/A 10
Advanced Recreational Champions (ARC) Competitive 9 N/A 10
Tree-rific Competitive 8 N/A 13
The Mighty Chondrias Just-for-Fun 11 N/A
Research is Female Just-for-Fun 10 N/A
Administrators of FUN Just-for-Fun 9 N/A
Budding Career Crusaders Just-for-Fun 9 N/A
iSchool SLAYS! Team Just-for-Fun 9 N/A
Year Round Warriors Just-for-Fun 9 N/A
The Pharmers Just-for-Fun 8 N/A
The Facili-taters Just-for-Fun 8 N/A
Team SHW Just-for-Fun 8 N/A
Swell Just-for-Fun 8 N/A
The Hackstreet Boys Just-for-Fun 8 N/A
Gold Diggers Just-for-Fun 8 N/A
Team LFS Just-for-Fun 8 N/A
Kicking Assets Just-for-Fun 8 N/A
UILOers Just-for-Fun 8 N/A
VSP-SJC 3 Just-for-Fun 8 N/A
UBC Studios Creatives Just-for-Fun 8 N/A
The Best Team Just-for-Fun 7 N/A
Unruly Unicorns Just-for-Fun 7 N/A
We Don’t Talk About Juno Just-for-Fun 7 N/A
FreeAgent 12PM Just-for-Fun 7 N/A
Gnursing Gnomes (2) Just-for-Fun 7 N/A
Data Another Day Just-for-Fun 7 N/A
SPPGA Lightning Just-for-Fun 7 N/A
ELI 1 Just-for-Fun 7 N/A
[ðə ˈfoʊniz] Just-for-Fun 7 N/A
The Rubber DuckLINGs Just-for-Fun 7 N/A
VSP-SJC 1 Just-for-Fun 7 N/A
The Ligers Just-for-Fun 7 N/A
Applied Science Co-op Just-for-Fun 7 N/A
Lettuce Go, It’s Thyme Just-for-Fun 7 N/A
Research Rangers Just-for-Fun 7 N/A
DAE DevOps Just-for-Fun 7 N/A
the CounterOperatives Just-for-Fun 7 N/A
Wagon Wheel Just-for-Fun 6 N/A
SciFi Just-for-Fun 6 N/A
Teamo Supremo Just-for-Fun 6 N/A
Therapeutics Initiative Just-for-Fun 6 N/A
CICH Just-for-Fun 6 N/A
Gnursing Gnomes (1) Just-for-Fun 4 N/A
The Bandits Just-for-Fun 4 N/A
Active Kids Just-for-Fun 2 N/A
Brew Crew Just-for-Fun N/A N/A
Let’s Get Fiscal! Just-for-Fun N/A N/A
SCS Just-for-Fun N/A N/A
Sustaina-buddies Just-for-Fun N/A N/A
Tacos Just-for-Fun N/A N/A
The Chill Pills Just-for-Fun N/A N/A
The Long Term Side Effects Just-for-Fun N/A N/A
The Recreational Drugs Just-for-Fun N/A N/A
The Type A Team Just-for-Fun N/A N/A
Fits & Giggles Just-for-Fun N/A N/A
Free Agent 2PM Just-for-Fun N/A N/A
Team Everyone Knows Peeps Just-for-Fun N/A N/A
VSP-SJC 2 Just-for-Fun N/A N/A
achievers  Just-for-Fun N/A N/A