UBC Student Rate Eligibility

UBC Student Eligibility for Fall 2023

Please note that the verification of student eligibility for the fall term will not begin until August 16, 2023. Until this time, reduced rates are only applicable to summer memberships and activities for students meeting the summer session eligibility.

Most UBC students will qualify for discounted rates to access recreation programs and facilities. To ensure you you receive the correct student rate, ensure that you’ve logged in to the online registration system using your CWL. Once logged in, you will a screen detailing your information and a listing of memberships.

Current and active memberships will be coloured in green and if eligible for UBC student rates, this will include a membership listing “Eligibility – [SEASON] – UBC Student”

Issues with Student Eligibility

If you do not see a green coloured eligibility membership identifying you as a UBC student, please review the following items as they may affect your ability to qualify for UBC student rates:

Full-time/part-time studies & co-op terms

Full-time students qualify for eligible rates throughout the year (beginning September). Students studying part-time must be enrolled in the current academic session to be eligible for UBC student rates. All students must be paying the Athletics & Recreation Fee to qualify for rates.

Students on a co-op term placement may be eligible for UBC student rates depending on fees assessed by a faculty’s co-op program.

Summer session (May – August) eligibility

Only students that are enrolled for the current summer academic session or completed full-time studies (at least 18 credits) during the previous winter academic session are eligible for reduced rates for May to August memberships and activities. All students must be paying paying or have paid the Athletics & Recreation Fee to qualify for reduced rates.

Academic or financial holds from the university

Outstanding fee payments, academic suspension, or other holds placed by the university may affect access to UBC student rates, recreation programs, and facilities.

Enrolment through an affiliate school

Some students may be attending UBC through an affiliate school (e.g. Regent College, St. Mark’s College, Corpus Christi, etc.) and may instead see “AMS Student Eligibility” as a membership. This is not the same as the aforementioned membership qualifying for UBC student rates.

Please note that St. Mark’s and Corpus Christi students may opt-in to pay the Athletics and Recreation Fee in order to qualify for UBC student rates and access.

Student number issue or status change

In rare instances, eligibility may be affected by having multiple student numbers due to a prior stint at UBC or a recent change in status from a faculty/staff member to a student.

Fixing Student Eligibility

If you believe your eligibility is being affected by any of the above issues, please email recreation.help@ubc.ca with the following information:

  • Student number
  • Year and program of study
  • Screenshot or other documentation of paid student fees