3 Beach Sports to Try This Summer!

Are you looking for sports that are easy on your joints, challenge you aerobically, and let you enjoy summer outdoors with friends? You’re in luck! Here are 3 beach sports to try this summer:


1. Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball is a classic summer sport and becomes all the more enjoyable when paired with a beautiful sunset in the background (think: Kitsilano Beach)! The City of Vancouver has many beaches around the city with outdoor courts and stanchions/posts that are free for the public and operate on a first-come, first-serve and BYONB (bring your own net and ball) basis. Volleyball courts have no time limits, so it is best to go early and snag a court! If you only have access to a volleyball, you can still have some fun at the beach by peppering with a friend.

Beach Volleyball at Kitsilano Beach


2. Beach Ultimate

A lesser known summer sport is Beach Ultimate. Asides from the different surfaces, Beach Ultimate is different from grass Ultimate in that it is played on a smaller court with fewer players, given the added challenge of running in the sand. If you’d like to give Beach Ultimate a try, pick-up games are organized in the Vancouver Beach Ultimate Facebook Group, held at Spanish Banks, and are welcoming of all levels. If you need further incentive, laying out in the sand is so much more fun than on grass or turf!

Credit: Ultimate Canada (https://canadianultimate.com/en_ca/p/2017-world-championships-of-beach-ultimate-tournament-central)


3. Spikeball

Spikeball is similar to volleyball, except players spike the ball towards a round net instead of over a traditional volleyball net. Spikeball nets are much smaller and more portable than volleyball nets, which makes them easier to bring to and set up at the beach! If you’re not a fan of sun or sand, but still want to try spikeball, you can take advantage of Moves on MacInnes, where you can borrow a spikeball set for free from the front desk at the Student Recreation Centre in exchange for a piece of ID.

Credit: Spikeball (https://spikeball.com/pages/how-to-play-1)


No matter which beach sport you choose to try, remember to stay safe under the sun, by checking out this blog post on sun essentials! Happy moving this summer, UBC!