Know Before You Go: Summer Camps 2022

Welcome to UBC Camps Summer 2022! We are excited to bring you a summer full of outdoor fun and programming.

To get you best prepared for camp, please take the time to review the following tips and reminders to get the most out of your camps experience!

General Reminders

  • What to Bring: 
    • Sport-specific clothing and athletic shoes
    • Water bottle(s)
    • Non-microwavable snacks: AM and PM snack
    • Non-microwavable lunch
    • Labeled backpacks / bags
    • Hat and sunscreen (please apply before and bring to camp)
    • Weather appropriate clothing for outdoor games and activities
      • Please note: Camps run through 'rain or shine,' so please dress appropriately!
  • What NOT to Bring:
    • Money
    • Electronics (cell phones, portable game devices, or music players)
    • Other valuables

Please ensure your vehicle is authorized to park at your camp's designated parking area before arriving on campus. Please take the time to walk through the steps below to ensure a smooth drop-off and pick-up process each day.

  1. Click here to create an account with UBC Parking Services. If you already have an account, please proceed to Step 2.
  2. Please refer to your PRE-CAMP EMAIL (sent the Thursday before camp) and click on the inserted link(s) to register your vehicle for your preferred Summer Camps parking location:
  3. Once you have activated parking at a specific parkade or road, your permit is valid for 15 minutes at drop-off and pick-up times for the entire Summer Camp season (i.e., July 4 - September 2, 2022). If dropping-off or picking-up using two different parking locations, your vehicle must be registered for each location.
  4. When you arrive on campus each day for drop-off and pick-up, simply park in your assigned parking location and proceed to your camp; there is no need to use the meters! Please also take note of current road closures and construction sites by clicking here.

Please refer to the following Camps Map for possible parking locations:

  • Possible Parking Locations:
    • University Boulevard Parkade
    • Thunderbird Parkade
    • NSDC Parking Lot
    • North Parkade
    • Stadium Lot
    • B4 Lot
    • West Parkade
  • Please do not send your child to camp if they are unwell.
  • Camp activities will occur without physical distancing.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available and must be used upon arrival and departure from camp.
  • Campers are only permitted to attend one camp per week and changes to camp groups are prohibited.
  • Sign-Out Policy: Please take some time to familiarize yourself with our sign-out procedures. We will be asking for photo identification from parent/guardians at the time of sign-out each day.

Camp-Specific Reminders

On the Thursday before your camp is scheduled to begin, you will receive a pre-camp email with all relevant camp details. This email includes: camp location, pick up and drop off location, a complimentary parking permit, a list of items to bring to camp, your required consent form(s), and other important information. Please read this email very carefully.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns during the week, contact us at