Men’s Ultimate 5th Place in Canada!

2022 Canadian Ultimate University Championships | Brampton, ON

The T-Birds entered their first big tournament of the year at the Canadian University Ultimate Championships. After taking the top bid from the western division, UBC entered the tournament ranked #4 in the country. With great anticipation and not knowing how they stacked up against the rest of Canada, the team put together a string of strong performances despite being together for 4 practices.

Day 1: Tough Winds and Tough Results

UBC 6-10 Waterloo

Starting on Saturday was a game against wildcard qualifier, Waterloo. An excellent performance from Karim Jamal solidified the offence for the Thunderbirds, displaying his throwing range to land many assists for the team. After braving a cold, windy, and wet game, the T-Birds came short of a win.

UBC 14-5 Dalhousie

Next, the T-Birds faced off against #6 Dalhousie, which would prove to be a much needed learning experience to help gel chemistry and learn how to play in the heavy Brampton winds. 

UBC 7-15 Montreal

The last game on Saturday was against #1 Montreal, who were defending their previous title as national champions. Streamed on the showcase field, both teams came out firing, with the outcome of the game seeming unpredictable. A big run of points by Montreal and a couple injuries towards the west coasters, however, would eventually culminate in a loss for the T-Birds.

Day 2: ‘Birds Fight Back!

UBC 8-14 Manitoba

Early Sunday morning, the T-Birds would face off against #3 Manitoba in quarter-finals, who were heavy favourites in the tournament. Playing a similar style of Ultimate, Manitoba challenged the T-Birds throughout the game and played at a fast pace. Unfortunately, the T-Birds were not able to keep up with the Winnipeg throwing prowess and come away with a loss.

UBC 11-10 Queens

Following this game would be a match against Queens, a team composed of many athletes who came out of Vancouver youth programs. A tough battle against familiar faces would lead to a universe point game against the T-Birds. A stroke of luck, and a massive layout bid from Justin Podnar would lead to the T-Birds coming away with the win.

UBC 9-8 Waterloo

The last game was against a previous competitor, Waterloo, for the 5th place game. UBC would push through a shorter bench and the weather, showing their mental resilience. This would be crucial as the game went to universe point, where the T-Birds would walk away victorious, placing 5th at the tournament!

The team looks to build upon this experience and get better before their tournaments in the American Circuit, with the ultimate goal of making – and winning – Division I American Nationals. With their first tournament in Santa Barbara in January, the lads look to take flight in the next calendar year.

To learn more about Men’s Ultimate, check out their Instagram: @ubcmensultimate!