Dojo Martial Arts Classes Return | Oct 31

Following the completion of construction on the SRC Dojo, the following Martial Arts classes will be resuming! These classes will offer a pro-rated fee, and will resume the week of October 31. Explore the following available classes:

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

  • A hands-on martial art class that allows any person to control a larger opponent in a real life confrontation using clinches, takedowns, holds, and submissions.
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Classical Ju Jutsu 

  • Classical Ju Jutsu is the close-quarter combat system developed over the centuries by Japanese warriors. Emphasis is on grappling techniques, but also includes striking, and the use of a variety of classical weapons such as the sword, dagger, and staff.
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  • A dynamic combat sport that requires both physical power and mental discipline. This class utilizes techniques such as throws and holds to subdue the opponent while teaching maximum efficiency with minimal effort.
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  • Sambo is a Soviet martial art, an internationally-practiced combat sport, and a recognized style of amateur wrestling, stylistically similar to Judo, Greco-Roman Wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Literally meaning, “”self-defense without weapons””, Sambo is primarily a jacket-wrestling style, but it also includes striking similar to mixed martial arts.
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For any questions or inquiries, please email